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    34 Problem-Solving Products For Dog Owners Who Want To Make Their Pup’s Life Easier In 2022

    Our dogs deserve the world, and these smart products will help them start living their best life this year.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A step-in harness that comes in seven different sizes to ensure that your dog has a secure and comfortable experience when going on walks. Oh, and it has over 68,000 5-star ratings, so we know the humans are bound to love it, too.

    reviewer's dachshund wearing a teal harness and sitting on a park bench

    This is especially helpful if your dog tends to pull and choke themselves when you take them on a walk. Reviewers with small breeds say the smaller sizes of this harness actually fit their dog's tiny frame.

    Promising review: "I get lots of compliments for how cute my dachshunds look and the fit is perfect. Not a single rash or chaffing on either of my pups, even after miles-long hikes. My little girl pup has sensitive skin with some dilute alopecia in her armpits (hairless patches), and she has never shown any signs of irritation from this harness. It fits loosely enough to wear over a sweater in the winter while still being breathable in the summer, but still snug and secure — no wiggle room to escape." —MotherOfDachshunds

    Get it from Amazon for $8.93+ (available in sizes 3XS–XL and 40 styles; also available as a leash bundle).

    2. A set of waterproof dog booties to keep your dog's paws from getting damaged due to rough surfaces, hot pavement, or sharp thorns. With these on, your dog can confidently roam free and you can relax knowing your dog is protected.,

    My family uses these on our goldendoodle in the summer because he loves to run around our pool and he ends up with roughed-up, bloody paws. When we first got these for him, he definitely walked like a baby deer! But after a day or two of wearing them inside the house, he's been comfortable wearing them outside ever since and walks/runs normally with them on! They stay secure with the Velcro straps even when he's zooming around the pool trying to get splashed.

    Promising review: "Awesome booties. These babies stay on. She runs, jumps, and does everything she normally does except she can't scratch if needed. (Just gonna have to wait, that's all.) Bought a size 6 for my 50-lb. girl pitty. She's small but solid. Live in NW 'burbs of Chicago. We walk a couple of miles a day. Our neighborhood has no sidewalks. When it sleets or snows, road salt is an issue. As most dogs do, she likes to off-road it, so it's in the snow, on the street, repeat. These keep her paws from getting packed up with snow and salt. Initially, it's kind of a hassle getting them on, but it gets easier. If you buy them, put them on your dog in the house and let figure them out. And strap 'em down good." —earshplitten

    Get it from Amazon for $23.18+ (available in seven sizes and six colors).

    3. Or a pair of RifRuf dog booties that protect your dog's feet while looking so dang stylish. With a durable rubber sole, a breathable mesh upper portion, and adjustable straps, these functional yet fashionable dog sneakers are made from the same material as human sneakers!


    If you have a dog with bigger front paws, you can get split sizes (denoted with "/") so you'll get two shoes in each size.

    RifRuf is an Asian-owned small business that's creating design-driven dog shoes. The idea for the shoes was developed when one of the co-owner's dogs kept getting irritated paws while living in New York, and they wanted a pair of shoes that met their high expectations for paw protection and style.

    Promising review: "I love these shoes, my pup doesn't have any issues running, walking, or jumping. They are of great quality and really sturdy. Easy to clean, well put together, and a great-looking shoe." —Maria

    Get a set of four Caesar 1 dog booties from RifRuf for $65 (available in eight sizes and five colors).

    4. A pet grooming glove with 255 silicone grooming tips that essentially massage your dog as you run the glove over their body to pick up loose hair. Your pup will seriously love how good it feels, making grooming time so much more enjoyable for them and you.

    a pair of blue deshedding gloves with a layer of fur being peeled off of it

    Once you're done grooming them, you can easily peel the hair off the glove to throw it away.

    Promising review: "I have a 4-month-old husky pup (Sasha) who just started shedding. These grooming gloves are the perfect solution! My puppy would sit and let you scratch her all day if you had the time! I can sit and wipe her down and 'scratch/pet' her with the gloves on and she can't get enough of it! It is a win-win scenario. The gloves are super easy to clean too. I initially made the mistake of trying to pull all of the hair off, which doesn't work well since it is obviously meant to hold on to the hair. Instead, rub the gloves together like you are trying to warm your hands and the hair will quickly ball up and fall off into the trash can!" —IT Guy

    Get a pair from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in three colors).

    5. A paw cleaner for dogs who don't like to sit still long enough for you to clean their muddy paws with a towel. With this, add water, dunk their paw in, and the gentle silicone bristles remove caked-on dirt and mud in seconds.

    Promising review: "I have four dogs in NYC. I have to wash their feet after every walk because the streets are so filthy. It would take me about 10 to 15 minutes to clean their paws with a spray bottle and towel. Now it takes about five minutes. And the towel doesn’t end up filthy. The dirt gets caught in the cup. Plus the dogs seem to like it. The silicone bristles must feel good. A huge thumbs-up!" —Sandra

    Get it from Amazon for $13.84+ (available in three sizes and six colors).

    6. An elevated dog feeder with two bowls so your dog doesn't have to bend down so far to get some food and water. It'll help relieve stress on their shoulders and neck, especially for large breeds or senior dogs.

    elevated dog feed with a wooden top and a black stand with the name "penny" put on the bone-shaped label
    College View Crafts / Etsy

    This elevated feeder is handmade, and you can get your dog's name personalized on it!

    College View Crafts is a small business based in Annville, Pennsylvania, that specializes in handmade dog feeders.

    Promising review: "This bowl is such an excellent quality. I was a little hesitant to spend so much on a bowl for our new goldendoodle but I couldn’t find anything I liked from lots of time scouring all the pet stores and looking elsewhere online. I finally purchased and it arrived yesterday and I am so glad I ended up getting this set. The size is perfect and the colors look great in my home. Not the eyesore dog accessories usually are at all! The craftsmanship is wonderful I look forward to my pup using it for years to come. He seems to like it, too!" —Elizabeth L.

    Get it from College View Crafts on Etsy for $68 (top portion available in three stains, bottom stand available in five colors, and personalization available; $18.99 to ship).

    7. A durable chew toy your dog will love chomping away on. Little do they know that the ridges and nubs on the toy remove plaque and tartar and keep their teeth healthy!

    Promising review: "This is one of my dog's favorite toys. He will just sit with it and chew on it, or even run around with it in his mouth. It holds up nicely. My dog is a pretty normal chewer, however, but the bone is so sturdy I'm sure it would last for a heavy chewer for some good time. Given the dog doesn't break off pieces of it of course." —Madi

    Get it from Amazon for $10.89+ (available in six flavors and multiple sizes).

    8. A pack of chicken-flavored Pill Pocket dog treats that mask the smell of any pill you put inside so your dog might actually enjoy receiving their medicine every day. Yes, our dogs are cute, but they're also so easy to trick!


    Promising review: "Our dog loves them; they're gone in an instant! My dog doesn't know what to make of a pill and just thinks it isn't food and isn't interested. Wrap it in this and it is gone in an instant. I don't think he has yet realized that there is a pill inside after a year using these. Our small dog gets a half allergy pill every morning and evening. I usually break these into halves, quarters, or sometimes even into fifths and just mold it like Play-Doh around the pill." —Luke H

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98+ (available in two sizes).

    9. A dog water bottle so you can easily transport drinkable water anywhere to keep your dog hydrated even on the hottest of days. This is a must if your dog likes to come along with you on hikes!,

    Promising review: "This is the BEST water bottle I have found on the market. It has a locking mechanism so that there's no leaks or spills. It has a straw attached on the inside so that you can get every last drop. A foldable bowl for the dog to easily drink out of. And it makes it smaller in size which is easier to carry around. A strap to carry from your belt loop, wrist, backpack loop, etc. Love the color options as well. This is a must-have!" —Michael C

    Get it from Amazon for $14.11+ (available in five colors and two sizes).

    10. A slow feeder dog bowl designed to prevent your dog from scarfing down their food in one minute flat and end up with an upset tummy. This bowl will also help reduce bloating and vomiting that lots of fast-eating pups can often struggle with.


    Promising review: "These dog bowls are amazing! I got three different shapes so I could switch them out to keep eating a challenge which is good mental stimulation for dogs. This completely solved the eating-too-fast problem. Both dogs adapted easily to using them. These were well worth the money. These bowls do make them drool more when eating but I just throw them in the dishwasher regularly and that takes care of the cleaning." —Rachel

    Get it from Amazon for $7.97+ (available in three sizes and six designs).

    11. A lick mat to make bathtime so much more enjoyable. Smear some peanut butter on it, use the suction cups on the back to attach it to your shower wall, and they'll be totally content and distracted as you bathe them.

    golden retriever licking peanut butter off a lick pad while a human gives them a bath

    A few reviewers mentioned that they actually freeze the peanut butter on this to make it last longer. You can also use this outside of bathtime as a fun treat that also helps them slow down and be calm.

    Promising review: "I used this to calm my hyper-neurotic schnauzer during grooming. Poor little guy was abused by a groomer when he was young, and has been VERY difficult to groom ever since. I’ve long been on the lookout for anything that will help calm him. Can’t take him to a groomer anymore, because he gets so stressed out. Grooming can take hours because he is so nervous. This tool was amazing. I was able to use the electric trimmer to do his belly, back. and hindquarters quickly with no drama! Going to try it with my other schnauzer during his bath. My advice is to use just a little peanut butter or wet dog food at a time. Very thin layer. That way the dog really has to work for it and doesn’t fill up and get bored. This is the best grooming aid ever! It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing!" —Jeannie

    Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

    12. A Thundershirt designed to keep your dog's anxiety at bay whenever a big storm rolls in or if they have separation anxiety when left alone. Similar to a weighted blanket, the Thundershirt applies gentle but constant pressure to their body to calm them down.

    reviewer's chihuahua wearing a gray thundershirt outside

    Reviewers say this is great for anxious rescue dogs! The company has a money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return for a refund of your purchase price.

    Promising review: "I read all the reviews and I have to say, I was a little dubious. There were SO MANY people who talked about how miraculous it was with their anxious dog but I just needed to see it for myself. My dog was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and her triggers are visual: mailmen, stray cats, dogs outside going on a walk, etc. OMG! It really works! I could not believe it! Not only that, but my dog gets SO EXCITED when it's time to put it on! Her tail literally goes a mile a minute the moment I pull it out. It makes her happier than just about any toy or snackie! Now, I would not necessarily recommend this as the SOLE source of support for an anxious dog. It's definitely a tool to be used with all the other tools/strategies/behavior modifications. But when my dog is triggered, if she's not wearing the vest, it will take her anxiety attack down to zero in record time as soon as I put it on. And if she's wearing it while triggered...let me put it to you this way: The mailman just came to the door...and she didn't react. It's not always 100%, sometimes she will still have an anxiety attack while wearing it but it is SUBSTANTIALLY LESS in time that it takes her to recover." —Momtog

    Get it from Amazon for $32.95 (available in seven sizes).

    13. A durable toy with an easy-to-grip design so your pup doesn't get frustrated trying to pick it up to get their chew on. Infused with flavors like bacon, chicken, or peanut butter, this toy might just become your pup's new favorite.

    dog holding a toy with two paws and chomping at it

    Promising review: "We have a 1-year-old English bulldog and he chews on everything! I tried the bully sticks and he ate right through them like they were potato chips. I also gave him Yak chews, which are also pretty good but these Benebone toys not only last for months and months but the fact that we bought him the bacon and chicken flavors give him something to choose between when he is bored with the first one. He will gnaw/chew on these bones for hours and hours at a time and it keeps him occupied. He gets so into these bones that he is in his own little world as we watch and hear him going to town on them. He has not chewed on shoes, chairs, base-molding, or anything else for that matter. Finally!!! We found the ultimate bone to stop his need to chew (on other things) and he really enjoys them!" —jimmymac

    Get it from Amazon for $6.47+ (available in four sizes and three flavors).

    14. Or a treat-dispensing toy especially great for pups who get bored with regular toys easily. The unique design causes the toy to bounce around and roll as dogs move it around, and your pup will love how satisfying it is when a piece of kibble pops out!

    The toy balls interlock so you can attach them for bigger dogs and to keep playtime fresh.

    Up Dog Toys is a family-founded small business that creates design-driven, functional pet products.

    Get it from Up Dog Toys for $23.95 (available in three colors).

    15. A memory foam dog bed made for dogs with pesky joint problems. It can accommodate a dog up to 125 pounds, so even the largest of breeds can fit comfortably on this bed.

    a brown lab mix resting on a memory foam dog bed with bolsters

    Promising review: "My 85-lb Labrador mix is comfy as can be on the Jumbo size. I was pleasantly surprised at how big this bed actually is, bigger than the XL beds I have seen elsewhere. She can spread out on this one. She's an old dog and seems to find this bed very easy on her old bones. I don't know yet what the longevity will be, but have bought more expensive beds that didn't last long, So if I get a year out of this one I will be happy." —Leslie K

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in five sizes and 14 colors).

    16. Or an elevated dog bed to keep your dog cool when relaxing outside or to provide a place for them to escape to when the Roomba kicks on.

    reviewer's three dogs relaxing on three beige elevated dog beds

    Of course, you'll never want to leave your dog outside in the hot sun unattended, but this will help them cool off when they want to get outside in the summer.

    Promising review: "I purchased my first Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed over six years ago for my 50-lb. soft-coated wheaten (purchased the medium size). This bed has LASTED! I've been impressed and am purchasing two more for both of my dogs. I live in sunny Arizona, and most things DO NOT last in the hot/dry Arizona climate. I have been extremely impressed and surprised with how well the material has held up through the last six years. There is a bit of sagging and rusting, but it's lasted six years in the rain and heat! No rips from dog nails, and he uses it as a step up to his dog door (which he runs in and out of). My dog LOVES sitting in this bed as it keeps him off the warmer ground and allows air to flow above and below him. He especially loves it on colder evenings when the wind is blowing." —Amazon Steve

    Get it from Amazon for $24.85+ (available in three sizes and six colors).

    17. A grooming slicker brush that removes those pesky mats and tangles in your pet's fur and leaves behind a shiny, healthy coat. The easy-to-grip brush reduces pressure on your pet's fur so they might actually look forward to getting brushed.


    This brush is intended for curly, medium, and long coats.

    Promising review: "Using for our 85-lb oh so shaggy goldendoodle. It has changed our lives for the better! No more mats with the regular upkeep and it will save us from having to take him to the groomers and ending up with a shorn pup. Definitely a great purchase for those with shaggy or blended coat type breeds. My fellow doodle owners will understand!" —R. Langshaw-Simon

    Get it from Amazon for $11.78.

    18. A packet of ear wipes designed to get all the gunk that builds up in your dog's ears, which will help prevent them from getting infected. After using this consistently, you'll notice they won't be pawing at their ears as much!

    Each jar comes with 100 alcohol-free disposable ear wipes with soothing aloe vera and eucalyptus. They're meant for daily use or just for quick cleanups as needed.

    Promising review: "We ordered these ear wipes to help clean our golden retriever's ears; these were so nice for her ears! I really think the aloe and eucalyptus was very soothing because she scratched her ear open and had some minor open cuts from an ear infection that she had. Not only do they smell fresh and soothing, but they really cleaned her ear very well and I could tell that she feels so much better after I clean them. This is definitely a great product and I recommend keeping this on hand to keep your dog's ears nice and clean." —Luis n Dee

    Get 100 wipes from Amazon for $11.69.

    19. Or a packet of plant-based compostable dog wipes so your dog doesn't have to jump in the bathtub every time they get grubby outside. They're great for cleaning up muddy paws, crusty faces, or dirty bums.


    Promising review: "OK, so it might be a bit much to say that I’m ‘obsessed’ with dog wipes, right? Wrong, they are just that good. I’ve tried so many dog wipes but none compare to these. The wipes are extra damp (and stay that way even after opening), which means one wipe goes a long way. They also smell great, have a thick feel, and are hypoallergenic. I have a dog who has sensitive skin and we use these wipes after walks to get rid of allergies. Game changer. Try them out. You won’t be disappointed!" —I Only Shop Online

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in 100- or 400-count and lavender or unscented).

    20. A doggie raincoat if your pup won't dare step outside even if it's just sprinkling. With this waterproof coat protecting them, they'll still get their daily walk in, which will make their life and yours so much easier.,

    It comes in a whopping 14 colors so your dog can pick which one matches their ~style~.

    Promising review: "Our big golden retriever absolutely adores his new raincoat! He hates the rain and wouldn't want to go outside during it. But now he can't wait to wear his raincoat and play outside." —Ari

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in sizes S–XL and 14 colors).

    21. Or a windbreaker to keep your dog warm on walks when it's extra blustery outside, making it especially practical for short-haired dogs. Bonus: It has a little pocket on the back for holding their poop bags!

    Modern Beast

    Modern Beast is a woman-owned small business based in Los Angeles. Their pet products are all made in the USA, and 100% of profits go to 501(c)(3) animal charities.

    Get it from Modern Beast for $45 (available in sizes M–2XL and two colors).

    22. A set of ridiculously cool-looking dog toys from Wild One that are made out of 100% natural rubber. They're designed to stand up to strong chompers so your pup can keep playing without worrying their toys will disintegrate after five minutes.

    dog playing with three lilac dog toys
    Wild One

    The set comes with a Triangle TugTwist Toss, and Bolt Bite, which can all be bought individually as well.

    Promising review: "The dog loves her Wild One kit! Perfect for medium to large dogs who love to chew. And you don't mind seeing them lying around the house." —Sharon K.

    Get it from Wild One for $36 (available in four colors and two sizes).

    23. An automatic dog feeder that lets you schedule the time of feedings and also specify the portions that it dispenses. Once your dog gets familiar with the schedule, you might just find them waiting by the dispenser for the oh so satisfying release of kibble!

    reviewer's dog sitting next to an automatic feeder

    Promising review: "This is a wonderful automated dry food feeder. We are extremely happy with how this unit has been working. Programming the unit is easy, but not intuitive. The instructions are very well written and it clearly covers everything required to set up and program feeding schedules. The unit is easily disassembled for cleaning. The entire conveyor can be removed and cleaned. Our dog has an issue with an empty stomach and requires being fed several times during the night. Programming it to do so was simple and it works great. When the food is dispensed, it makes some noise due to the stainless steel bowl. The dog loves the sound of food being dispensed, but we’ve swapped to a quieter bowl so we are not woken when food is dispensed. Using an AC adapter with batteries is a good idea to avoid having to reprogram the time if power is disrupted. After a power loss, time will need to be set, but the feeding schedules are retained in memory." —trailrider

    Get it from Amazon for $99.95.

    24. A tube of wrinkle balm (yes, wrinkle balm!) to apply in your dog's skin folds to prevent infection and annoying irritation. Shar-Peis everywhere are rejoicing.

    before and after picture of a dog who has used wrinkle balm

    To apply, use two fingers or a cloth to apply a generous amount of Wrinkle Balm into skin fold creases one to three times per day.

    Promising review: "This stuff is da bomb! I have a 12-year-old pug who gets really nasty face wrinkles that stink and need to be cleaned daily. I have tried literally everything possible to help her and get on top of this problem. I ordered this little sample on a whim, trying to fill my order to get free shipping. So glad I did! Finally something that actually works, and after just the first day! No more gunk and stink and her wrinkle skin is not raw or itching her either. She still is not fond of me applying it, but that is probably a conditioned response to all the traumatic wiping done in the past unfortunately." —mdm

    Get it from Amazon for $5.95+ (available in two sizes).

    25. A durable set of pet steps so your furry friend can safely climb up onto furniture or a bed so they can cuddle up with you. The steps fold down for easy storage when not in use.,

    Promising review: "Super easy to set up, and the height is perfect for our tall bed for the dogs to get on. All we did was coax them with a treat to come up and then down a few times. And ever since they use it constantly. My older puggle could not even get on the bed at all without me picking her up to put her on. She would jump off though, and that's why we got the stairs, because I didn't want either dog hurting themselves from jumping from that high. Especially with their age. The fact that it folds up if you have company or to use while traveling is great." —alisha k.

    Get it from Amazon for $35.95+ (available in two sizes and two colors).

    26. A shaggy donut-shaped dog bed designed to calm down anxious dogs. Your furry friend will instantly feel secure and supported as they burrow into the bed.,

    This donut bed has over 36,000 5-star ratings! The biggest size can hold up a dog up to 150 pounds, so this is a perfect bed for small and large breeds alike.

    Promising review: "Our 11-pound Chihuahua, Lucy, absolutely loves this bed! It took her a few minutes to get used to this new thing in her life, after we first introduced her to it, and now she practically lives in it! We bought the small size. It’s incredibly soft and well-padded on the sides and the bottom. The interior edges are deep enough that she can burrow into them. She’ll often put her leg(s) or head into that area. It’s as comfortable when placed on our hardwood floors as when it’s on the sofa. If they came in human size, I’d be tempted to order one for myself! 😁" —katydid26

    Get it from Amazon for $32.77+ (available in four sizes and eight colors).

    27. A car seat cover that blocks your dog from falling forward in the gap between the back and front seat, resulting in a much more comfortable (and safe) car ride for your pup. It's also waterproof and scratch-proof, so it'll protect the car seats from any messes the dog might track in.

    reviewer's swiss shepherd sitting on a car cover

    The cover has a nonslip backing, Velcro openings so you can still latch your car's seatbelts, and snap buckles for securing the cover on the headrest. To clean the cover, just use a damp cloth or vacuum it.

    Promising review: "Extremely happy with this purchase. I received it because we hate all the dog hair in the car but LOVE our Bella (our dog) so much! It’s got a side flap so even the side of my back seat won’t get any hair or dirt on it. She loves to go for rides with me even in the morning to get my Dunkin’ Donuts! So easy to install and kept her safe in the back seat. I have yet to clean it as we just got it, but it looks and feels very durable." —Peter Pacilio

    Get it from Amazon for $36.96+ (available in two sizes and four colors).

    28. A behavioral aid toy with a heat pack and a "heartbeat" inside, which soothes puppies and helps them transition to their new home.,

    The plush toy comes with one disposable warmer pack that you can place inside the toy for extra warmth and comfort, and you can buy additional warmer packs separately. The heartbeat is battery-powered and lasts for up to two weeks of continuous use before you need to change the batteries.

    Promising review: "I am convinced that this adorable toy helped my puppy sleep through the night from her very first night home! Additionally, it makes her crate feel like a home, where she feels so cozy and it has really helped her love her crate and look forward to sleeping in it. AND, it’s her favorite toy! When she’s awake and alert, she loves pulling out her little snuggle puppy and carrying it around the house. This little snuggle puppy has made my transition — and that of my puppy — so wonderful in ways I did not even expect!! Highly recommend this as one of the best things you can do for your puppy." —Smart Researcher

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in two colors) and get more heat packs for $25.99.

    29. A slanted pet bowl that helps your dog reach all of their food. It's perfect for dogs like French bulldogs who have notoriously flat snouts — by bringing their food a little closer to them, they won't have to work as hard to get every last piece of kibble.

    The stainless steel bowl can be removed and is dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "Ordered the large bowls for my 40-lb French bulldog. Could have maybe gone with XL bowl for water but large was perfect for his food. I use a mixture of wet/dry food and the round bowl makes it easier for him to eat every last bite. Keeps his face cleaner and seems to make it easier for him to reach in! Love these! Ordered a few replacement bowls to switch out after meals. Seem to be holding up well in dishwasher!" —Shai

    Get it from Amazon for $12.94+ (available in four sizes and 11 colors).

    30. An airline-approved travel bag to safely transport your pup, whether you're going on vacation or just headed to the vet. It's lined with a Sherpa fabric that will keep your dog so safe and comfortable, they might just snooze inside it the entire time you're traveling.

    Make sure you check the measurements of each size to ensure you're buying one that's big enough for your dog.

    Promising review: "After extensive research on flying dogs in a carrier, I found the perfect carrier. I was nervous that this would be too big to take my dog on as a carry-on. I flew from Kansas City, Missouri, to New York, New York, (a three-hour flight) with my corgi who had never flown before. The bag made it through security just fine (Southwest Airlines). When testing different dog carriers at the pet store, my little guy would cry every time we put him in one. He actually did well on this flight and didn't whine too much. Had to train him beforehand of course. We knew he would be using this carrier for more than just flights since we moved to NYC. He does well with it now and rides on the train in it all the time. The carrier is sturdy and built with quality. Highly recommend it." —Emily Ngo

    Get it from Amazon for $36.89+ (available in three sizes).

    31. A paw and nose lotion bar designed to moisturize and soften the rough parts of your dog's body. You know how uncomfortable your nose can get during allergy season, so imagine how relieved your dog will be when their dry nose gets the moisture it needs!

    bottle of pardo naturals lotion bar
    Pardo Naturals

    This bar is made out of 100% natural ingredients. To use, massage on paws or nose as often as needed.

    Pardo Naturals is a Black-owned, woman-owned small business based in Covington, Georgia, that specializes in products designed for people (and animals!) with issues related to sensitive skin.

    Get it from Pardo Naturals for $12.

    32. A felt mat to hide pieces of kibble for your dog to sniff out and find — perfect for bored dogs who want a challenge!

    reviewer's dog sniffing around a felt mat to find a piece of food

    Promising review: "My dog could not be any more obsessed with this snuffle mat! Scout has a tendency when we go for walks to sniff out anything and everything he can. I always said he was like a truffle pig. This mat gives me peace of mind that he’s only sniffing out dog treats and not poisonous berries or bones of dead cats (sadly that happens often). This mat entertains Scout and even when he has found all the treats he will go back and look for more. Great way to keep him busy but also give his brain a little workout!" —Lifesaver

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    33. A collapsible pool that's the perfect size for your four-legged friend to splash around in and cool off. Fair warning: Your dog will love this so much, they might never want to come back inside!,

    No need to use an air pump or your hardworking lungs to blow this pool up. Just unfold and start filling up with water! The pool comes with a pet brush, four repair patches, and a plastic drainage valve that attaches at the bottom for fast draining.

    Promising review: "I really liked the thickness and quality of this pool. My dog was already scratching at the sides and this thing is TOUGH!!! Love the drain plug as you can connect a hose to it. I bought the XXL for my husky!! She dunks her head underwater all day! Great product!" —K

    Get it from Amazon for $28.49+ (available in four sizes and four colors).

    34. A nail trimmer if grooming your dog's nails always results in a temper tantrum. This has a safety guard to prevent overcutting so you won't accidentally hurt your furry friend.

    reviewer holding up a pair of blue nail clippers in front of a dog

    It also comes with a nail file you can insert into the trimmer, and the blue handles are ergonomically designed to keep your hands comfortable as you're grooming them.

    Promising review: "I have had all kinds of nail clippers, I didn't like any of them. I bought this pair a few weeks ago and absolutely love them; apparently my dog does also. He sits perfectly still while I trim his nails, which he has never done! They are sharp and make a good clean cut without cutting the dog's nails to make them bleed. He is a 9-lb Maltese and a year old. I have a 12-year-old Maltipoo and knew I would have trouble cutting her nails, as the older she gets the grumpier she gets, sorta like all of us. She is quite a bit larger than the male. She weighs approximately 18 lbs. I sit her on my lap and she saw the clippers in my hand and got skittish. Anyway, after one nail trim, she did not flinch at all, she sat perfectly still until I clipped all her nails." —Just me

    Get it from Amazon for $13.95.

    Get ready to be on the receiving end of all those appreciative doggie kisses!


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