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    40 Things Perfect For Anyone Who's A DIY Kind Of Person

    No need to hire a professional — whether you're remodeling your house, working in your garden, or deep cleaning your home, we've got foolproof ways to do it all.

    1. A roll of faux-marble contact paper to give your sad, old-looking counters a much-needed facelift. You can also use this to transform simple pieces of furniture into more interesting pieces.

    2. Magnetic garage handles and faux windows guaranteed to up the curb appeal of your house without having to spend oodles of money on new carriage-style doors.

    3. Some peel-and-stick floor tiles that not only will add a heightened level of decor to your kitchen or your bathroom, but will also cover up any scratches, cracks, or imperfections on the tiles.

    4. Or peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash to give your kitchen a much more modern and streamlined feel. Plus: people will think you hired a professional to do it.

    5. A magical carpet cleaner to treat a major spill on your carpet that you thought you'd have to hire a carpet cleaner to get out. Yes, even that awful-looking ketchup stain below.

    reviewer's stairs with red food stains completely removed from a carpet and walls

    6. A floating wooden shelf if you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing place to show off all your favorite dishware. If you're lucky enough to have an empty wall in your kitchen, this would be the perfect DIY project!

    the wooden shelves hanging in a kitchen and holding things like dishes, cups, and decorative pieces

    7. A drywall repair putty in case you mess up while hanging photos and end up with lots of holes in the wall. Listen — not every DIY project is going to go perfectly, and that's OK!

    A series of photos showing how to apply the drywall repair putty

    8. A good old-fashioned water pressure cleaner to blast all the dirt, algae, and built-up sediment off your deck. You'll save money by doing the cleaning yourself, and you'll get the satisfaction of seeing the wood literally change color before your eyes.

    9. A pumice stone toilet bowl scrubber because you don't have to buy a brand-new toilet or hire a professional cleaner just because of all those stubborn hard water stains. Instead, make them disappear all by yourself (with some elbow grease of course).

    10. A FlexiSnake if you've been standing in a few inches of water every time you shower and should really get around to unclogging your drain. This works just as well as a professional plumber (without the expensive bill you get afterward).

    11. Velvet slip covers that will make your couch look practically brand-new, and you don't have to pay anyone to reupholster the whole thing.

    12. Or a fabric defuzzer for another way to transform the look of your well-loved couch with ease. Just run it over the part of the furniture that's covered in fuzzies and all those loose strings and pills will just disappear!

    On the left, the arm of a couch with fabric pilling on it, and on the right, the same arm of the couch but the defuzzer got rid of the pilling

    13. Interlocking Teak tiles to place in your patio, balcony, or backyard to make your little slice of the outdoors look like a fancy courtyard. Don't have any outdoor space? You can put them at the bottom of your shower — instant spa status!

    14. Copper and brass or satin nickel switch plate covers for a simple way to make something you touch and look at every day look so much chicer.

    15. Some peel-and-stick wallpaper to create a bold statement wall in your living room or bedroom without having to paint. It'll instantly give your space a whole new look!

    A living room with one wall covered in the constellation-print wallpaper in Frost

    16. Or this removable botanical wallpaper you can stick to the walls of your closet to make you feel like you're shopping at a fancy designer store every time you get dressed.

    reviewer's closet with wallpaper hung on the back wall behind each shelf

    17. stone-effect spray paint so you don't have to go through the whole long and challenging process of buying an entire new countertop for your bathroom. Just spray on your dated countertops, let dry, and then marvel at your fantastic handiwork.

    Reviewer pic of aged green bathroom vanity top
    Reviewer pic of transformed bathroom vanity with the help of the spray paint

    Promising review: "We recently purchased a new home, and we're not gutting our main bathroom until next summer, but I just couldn't live with that 1980s green another day. So after reading a lot of tutorials, I decided to go for it and paint the counter. I LOVE how it came out! Once it was dry for 24 hours, I applied several coats of poly and let it sit for 72 hours before I let the counter go back into normal use. It's held up like a dream." —Mistella

    This reviewer left a super in-depth review, so check out the rest of it here for their tips and tricks.

    Get it from Amazon for $18.66 (available in three colors).

    18. Some stair riser decals if you think your stairs need a bit more personality. After all, you use them every day, so they might as well be a little prettier to look at!

    black and white pattern on stairs

    19. An adjustable closet rod so you can add more hanging space in your closet without having to spend lots of money on a professional redesign. Place this onto your existing rod and voila: you've just maximized the storage space.

    reviewer's closet with pants hung on the top and bottom of the adjustable closet rod

    20. An insulated soundproofing strip because nothing's worse than finding a draft coming in through your door when it's cold outside. These strips do a great job at keeping your house more insulated, stopping those stubborn drafts, and keeping the heat inside.

    21. A flexible cleaning brush so you can keep your lint trap clean and your dryer vents free of blockages. Of course, you'll want to have your dryer vent cleaned professionally on a regular basis, but in between the visits, you can use this to keep any dangerous build-up at bay.

    the flexible bristle brush cleaning out the dryer vent

    22. A pack of LED battery-operated puck lights you can place underneath your kitchen cabinets or in your closet to provide some much-needed light in dark corners of your home.

    reviewer photo of a gray kitchen with multiple puck lights lighting up the counter underneath the cabinets

    23. Or these stick-on track lights perfect for anyone who wants some better lighting — and you don't even have to worry about outlets or electrical wiring! It's such a simple yet effective upgrade to your kitchen, closet, bathroom, or anywhere else you plan to put them.

    reviewer's kitchen cabinets with lighting installed underneath

    24. A waterfall faucet because upgrading your bathroom doesn't require hiring a contractor. Even a small change like installing this faucet will make your bathroom feel like a fancy resort.

    25. An orb chandelier to add some character to your dining room without having to redesign the entire space. Once you install this, you'll have a fun new focal point all your guests will be commenting on. 

    Promising review: "This turned out to be a great purchase. I had seen similar lights for much more money. I was trying to coordinate this light with some others I had in my house and this was perfect. As the vendor states, it can hang from a sloped ceiling. I needed to customize the down rod and the vendor answered my email the same day and shipped a longer rod immediately. I also broke a globe and they shipped me two! I am very happy with the vendor and my light." —Laura E. West

    Get it from Amazon for $149.99+ (available in four colors).

    26. A Sculpd pottery kit if you've been looking for some cute new vases or planters to adorn your shelves. Instead of buying them, make your own!

    the pottery kit

    27. A wood polish and conditioner to make all your scratched-up hardwood floors, wood paneling, or wooden cabinets look brand-new. It'll look like you got your furniture or floors professionally restored!

    28. A guided gallery wall kit that includes seven frames, a hanging template, and hardware. The accuracy of the template ensures you'll only have to make one hole in the wall for each frame.

    29. wall or floor stencil so you can transform a blank wall into an eye-catching design element. Are you bored with how plain your laundry room looks? I think we just found the perfect way to dress it up.

    Promising review: "Great stencil that comes out amazing when done!!! My only recommendation would be to wash your stencil frequently as you use it or the paint builds up and causes the paint to bleed under the stencil a bit. Overall easy to use and looks beautiful!!" —KSerrano

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in eight designs).

    30. Command picture hanging strips that are not only super strong but can also be removed easily without damaging the wall. These give you the freedom to put down the nail and hammer yet still hang up that huge canvas that's currently sitting on the floor — four pairs of strips can hold up to 16 pounds!

    31. A set of NoNo Brackets so you can install a curtain rod without any hardware. They easily mount to your existing blinds, and all you have to do is place the rod into the rounded space. Genius!

    32. A uniquely designed weed removal tool that is so much more effective than regular gardening tools. The head is super sharp on the inside and the outside so it will remove even the most stubborn of weeds. The long, easy-to-grip handle makes it comfortable to use even for gardeners with limited mobility.