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    If You're Looking For A Last-Minute Halloween Costume, Whip One Up With These 31 Pieces Of Clothing

    It's not too late to put together the best Halloween costume you've ever worn.

    1. A collared dress for an absolutely spot-on Wednesday Addams costume. But wait — there's more! Snag it in blue for an adorable Madeline costume or get it in pink to build an Eleven from Stranger Things costume out of.

    2. Or a form-fitting maxi dress giving some serious Morticia Addams vibes — so much so that one reviewer used it to dress as the haunting matriarch for Halloween!

    3. A pair of faux-leather leggings for a fantastic Batgirl costume. They would also be great paired with an off-the-shoulder black top if you're going as Sandy at the end of Grease!

    reviewer wearing the black leggings for a batgirl costume

    4. A big faux-fur jacket for a Cruella costume so convincing, your dog might just quiver in fear.

    5. A lovely tulle skirt if you want to be the center of attention at every Halloween party you attend. It adds a perfectly whimsical touch to any costume you wear it with.

    6. A fit-and-flare dress if you're looking to travel back in time and rock that '50s vibe this October. It's also an adorable dress you can wear to brunch or a night out when you aren't in costume.

    7. Or this '50s-style dress with a sweetheart neckline that's giving me some serious '50s housewives vibes. I have a feeling Wanda from Wandavision is going to be a big costume this year, and you can channel her '50s sitcom look with one of these dresses!

    8. A chambray crop top with a tie front to throw on with your best cowboy boots, bandana, and a cowboy hat to embrace your Western side. Need a seriously quick costume idea? Just pair this with a red bandana around your head, flex your muscles, and boom — you're Rosie the Riveter.

    reviewer wearing denim shirt for a cowgirl costume

    9. A pair of mermaid leggings just begging you to be Ariel this Halloween. Just throw on a red wig, a white t-shirt, a seashell bra, and you're good to go! Plus: You'll be SO comfortable all night long in these stretchy pants!

    10. A stretchy, lined sequin dress that will light up the room whenever you catch some light. If there's one thing you can never have too much of on Halloween, it's sparkles.

    11. A skeleton teeth face mask to match with your skeleton T-shirt for a truly iconic Halloween costume — no bones about it.

    model wearing the black mask with white teeth on it

    12. A sequin flapper dress because we're technically living in the new roaring '20s, and after the two years we've had, you deserve to sparkle and shine like you're attending a party Gatsby himself is throwing.

    13. A gorgeous mesh dress that provides the perfect base for a witchy costume — pair it with a pointy hat and some boots and you're ready to go! Plus: It's so stunning, you'll be compelled to wear it basically all October long.

    14. And a pair of pointed boots with tons of buckles to tie your entire witch ensemble together. They also make a great, sturdy pair of shoes for you to wear to all of your fall activities.

    black shoe with a pointy toe and many buckle clasps

    15. A blue gingham dress that, for 364 days of the year, is just a really adorable dress, but on Halloween, it's your Dorothy costume. You're welcome.

    model wearing a blue gingham dress

    16. A mock-turtleneck bodysuit reviewers say is the perfect base for any cosplay outfit, which also means it's a great way to start off your costume. Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me — I'll be dressing up as Kim Possible this year.

    17. A flared skater skirt that comes in so many fun colors and patterns, you can build practically any costume off of it! Velma, Minnie Mouse, Hogwarts student, Wonder Woman — you name it!

    18. A stellar velvet frock pretty enough to be worn all fall and winter but particularly appropriate for October 31 when you go as the night sky to your friend's Halloween party.

    model in skater shape star print velvet dress

    19. A pair of striped black-and-white leggings — break out the green-colored hairspray because you're about to be the best Betelgeuse anyone's ever seen.

    reviewer wearing black and white striped leggings for a Beetlejuice costume

    20. And of course, a matching Betelgeuse suit for your little one because nothing's cuter than coordinating costumes!

    child wearing the beetlejuice jacket and pants

    21. A dress with built-in angel wings that will wow everyone with how elegant it looks. And for the nonspooky days of the year when you want to be a little more understated, you can throw a jacket over the dress, and it transforms into a simple (but stunning) skater dress!

    22. A plain Gildan sweatshirt for a blank canvas that you can use to create pretty much any costume — many reviewers have created decals to stick on the front to make truly unique getups.

    23. A plaid pencil skirt for dressing up as Sabrina, everyone's favorite half-human, half-witch teenager. This skirt also comes in yellow — Cher Horowitz from Clueless, anyone??

    24. A flowy white lace dress that's a near-perfect match for Jenny's wedding outfit in Forrest Gump. Don't forget your flower crown!

    25. Or this long-sleeve maxi dress that comes in many ~groovy~ patterns so you can pull off the hippie costume of your dreams. As you can see, it pairs well with a peace sign.

    reviewer wearing the blue paisley dress for a hippie costume

    26. A candy corn beanie for a simple but very effective costume that keeps your head and ears warm if it's cold outside.

    model wearing a candy corn beanie and a plaid mask

    27. A basic white button-up shirt so you can look like the head prefect in your Hogwarts costume. Or: Buy it two sizes up, get some sunglasses and white tube socks, and rock that Risky Business costume!

    reviewer wearing the white shirt for a hogwarts costume

    28. A T-shirt dress that comes in a fun, bright tie-dye pattern that very much resembles a La Croix can — get ready for everyone to compliment you on your original costume.

    buzzfeed writer and friend wearing tie dye dresses for a la Croix can costume

    29. A pair of baggy overalls I'm thinking could be a brilliant base for two costumes: a scarecrow or Donna Sheridan from Mamma Mia. Oh, the versatility of overalls!

    30. A wide-brim floppy wool hat you can fold up to form a stellar pirate hat or wear for a spot-on recreation of Beyoncé's look from the "Formation" music video.

    31. And finally, a black sweatshirt to let everyone know you tried...only slightly, but you still tried. Hey, at least you're communicating your message in rhinestones!

    black sweatshirt with the words "this is my Halloween costume" spelled out in rhinestones

    Happy spooky season, y'all!

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