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27 Last-Minute Food & Drink Gifts They'll Love

Whether you need a gift next week, in a few days, or literally five minutes from now, these delicious gift options have your back.

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

1. A box of Wolferman's cinnamon rolls because nothing's as satisfying as waking up Christmas morning and having the smell of gooey, sweet, delicious cinnamon rolls wafting into your bedroom.

five cinnamon rolls cooling on a baking tray and one cinnamon roll on a plate

2. A jar of Sichuan Chili Crisp from Fly By Jing they'll very soon realize goes good with practically anything! We're talking noodles, eggs, pizza, salads — the perfectly hot, bold flavor will transform their dish from just OK to "OMG DELICIOUS" in one second flat.

3. Some alcohol from Drizly, which has a huge selection of beer, wine, and liquor that can be delivered in 60 minutes or less. Perfect for the times you remember you need a gift for a holiday party that starts in *checks watch* two hours.

maker's mark bottle, two cocktails, and three bowls of snacks

4. Or order a bottle from Saucey, another service that delivers alcohol to their customers in an hour or less. What makes this company different than Drizly is that they give you the option to send a bottle as a gift with a personalized note — great for those faraway family members you forgot to shop for until now!

person holding hand up to a bottle of bourbon

5. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey — the mix of spicy and sweet will turn any meal into an ~experience~. You might want to give them two bottles because of how fast they'll go through this!

model pouring a bottle of mike's hot honey onto a pizza

6. A party tub of the famous banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery via Goldbelly — it's common to find a huge line outside Magnolia Bakery's NYC shops, and almost everyone is queuing up for this decadent dessert specifically! Now you can skip the line and have this sent right to the front door of your favorite sweets enthusiast.

tub of magnolia bakery banana pudding

7. A four-flavor popcorn tin so they'll always have something to snack on when they're marathoning their favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. Pro tip: Tell them to make a handful of the cheese and caramel popcorn and pop the whole handful in their mouth for a truly decadent snacking experience.

white popcorn tin with plaid christmas trees on it and four different kinds of popcorn in it

8. A wine subscription from Winc — they can fill out a quiz to give them personalized wine recommendations, and then they'll receive four bottles of wine a month that fits their preferred palate.

box with four bottles in it

9. Or a subscription to Firstleaf, where they can rate every bottle they receive so they can get wine in their next shipments that expertly match their preferences. It's like having their own virtual sommelier on hand!

person holding a bottle of wine that came out of a box

10. A stove-top pizza oven for anyone who always suggests pizza whenever you want to hang out. Now they can make restaurant-quality pies right from the comfort of the kitchen!

a pizza cooking in the pizza oven, which is sitting on a gas burner

11. A pound of cereal marshmallows so they can finally live out the dream they've had since they were 5 years old of having purely sugar for breakfast (or lunch or dinner...we don't judge).

Reviewer with the bag of cereal marshmallows

12. A Harry & David Sweet and Savory Holiday Gift Box packed with all of the most popular edible treats from this well-known brand. Bring this to a holiday party as a gift for the host, and you'll become their favorite person at the party.

13. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription perfect for java lovers who would appreciate trying out coffee from around the world. Each month, they'll receive 12 ounces of freshly roasted coffee, flavor notes, a postcard, and brewing tips.

A box of the coffee bag, a post card, and flavor notes

14. Or a subscription to Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company for the person who loves to wake up with a warm cup of black tea, get a bolt of energy in the afternoon with a green tea, and then chill out in the evening with an herbal tea.

boxes of simple loose leaf tea

15. A Home Chef subscription for anyone who loves to cook at home but has a really hectic schedule, leaving them with no time to come up with meal ideas and go grocery shopping. Reviewers love the easy instructions, variety of options available, and the quality of the food they receive.

salmon and green beans on a plate with a home chef meal kit box next to it

16. A gift box from Lillie's of Charleston that contains their signature hot sauce, mustard BBQ sauce, and a spice dry rub so they can kick up the flavor of practically any meal they make. You might want to get a box for yourself — it's that good!

lillie's of charleston gift box

17. A box of hard kombucha from JuneShine — each can contains 6% ABV, is made from organic, probiotic, and gluten-free ingredients, and comes in delicious flavors like grapefruit paloma or blood orange mist.

a box of canned beverages

18. A case of wine from Usual Wines — they package their wines in beaker-shaped bottles for an ultra-cool twist on vino.

19. A subscription to Bokksu, a company that sends handcrafted boxes of authentic snacks, candies, and teas delivered straight from Japan.

Japanese snacks, orange box, chopsticks

20. An old-fashioned kit from Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. for the amateur mixologists who prefer to keep it...well...old-fashioned! Pair this with their favorite bottle of bourbon so they can start whipping up a drink as soon as you give it to them.

gift box with ingredients to make an old fashioned

21. A gift subscription to Partake, a company that creates Star Baker–worthy cookies that are all certified vegan and gluten free, as well as free of the top eight allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk, soy, fish, and shellfish). This is a safe bet if you want to give someone a food-related gift but aren't sure what their food sensitivities are!

five boxes of partake cookies

22. A Haus sampler kit so they can take their at-home happy hour to the next level. Each aperitif flavor is made with natural ingredients and can be mixed with other ingredients like tonic, soda water, or prosecco to create a delicious cocktail, or they can choose to enjoy the drink on its own.

Four small clear bottles filled with different-colored liquids in yellow, red, orange, and brown

23. A bag of Bean & Bean Downtown Blend coffee with notes of roasted nuts, cedar, and sweet herbs for a truly indulgent cup of joe in the morning.

purple bag of bean and bean downtown blend with a sloth on it

24. A subscription to Beer of the Month Club so they can receive a new assortment of craft beers every four weeks. Anyone who's always giving their opinion on how IPAs are the best type of beer will seriously appreciate this one.

25. A bottle of wine from 90+ Cellars, which offers a huge portfolio of fine wines from all over the world to pick from, all at a discounted rate.

person pouring in prosecco into a glass

26. A box of golden soft pretzels from Eastern Standard Provisions Co. — whoever the recipient of this lucky gift box is will be asking you how they can order another box because they'll be chomping through these fluffy pieces of heaven in no time.

box with pretzel bits

27. A case of Sound sparkling water for the coworker who can always be found with a can (or five) of the bubbly stuff at their desk. Sound uses all-natural ingredients like tea and botanicals to flavor their waters, creating a subtle yet refreshing taste.

four sound sparkling water cans

You walking into the holiday party with your box of soft pretzels or a bottle of tequila you ordered an hour ago:

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