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    39 Cozy Products We Own That Will Make Perfect Gifts For Any Holiday

    We've done the super hard job of testing out these ultra-cozy items — and we are positive these make the perfect gift for any comfort-loving person on your list.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

    Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

    Are you currently clueless on what you should get everyone on your list this gifting season? Never fear, because the BuzzFeed Shopping team is here to help! Because we basically shop for a living, we've rounded up all of our favorite cozy finds that also make great gifts. Keep reading to learn about the comfy sweatshirts, loungewear, blankets and more that we've tried and loved!

    1. A cozy blanket sweatshirt because the only thing better than a comfy blanket is a comfy blanket you can literally wear. Now they can reach peak coziness and still be able to keep their arms warm as they work, eat some snacks, or reach for the remote.

    2. A pair of fuzzy slippers to keep their feet warm as they lounge around the house. The opening at the top will help prevent their feet from overheating, and the crisscross design is just so downright stylish, they're bound to love their fluffy gift!

    Person wears fuzzy slippers in pink

    3. Or a pair of fleece-lined memory foam slippers with a collapsible heel so they can just slip right into them whenever a draft makes their feet chilly.

    model wearing the cream version
    reviewer wearing the navy version showing the suede collapsible heel

    "I have these (and the version without the collapsible heel) and am OBSESSED. Growing up in Florida I never wanted to slippers; it was just too hot all the time. But then I moved to New York City and had to deal with brutal winters and the lack of radiant floor heating in my prewar apartments. Fuzzy socks are great, but sometimes I want some support, especially after a long day on my feet or if I need to leave my apartment for a second and don't want to meet my neighbors while wearing my penguin-print fuzzy socks. These slippers are stupidly soft; it boggles my mind how something can be so comfortable. And the collapsible heel is great for preventing my toes from overheating (which they have a tendency to do in fuzzy socks). I've had the regular version for almost 2.5 years and they're still going strong, so I expect to enjoy these new ones for as long (and probably even longer)." —Melanie Aman

    Shipping Info: Will arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    Get it from Amazon for $44.59+ (available in sizes 5–10.5 and in two colors).

    4. A candle from Harlem Candle Company that just exudes sophisticated coziness. When they're done burning the candle below, it can be transformed into a fancy cocktail glass. Two gifts in one!

    5. Or this Otherland candle with a scent that'll remind them of a lazy weekend away in a remote cabin. Plus: it'll look fantastic sitting on their coffee table thanks to the gorgeous design and warm color of the jar.

    a red candle with an abstract design on the middle

    6. Can't forget about the candle accessories! A rose gold rechargeable electric lighter so your candle-loving friend doesn't have to deal with dangerous matches to light their candles and get those cozy vibes going. This flameless lighter has a really long stem, so it's great for safely lighting tall candles or ones that have burned down a lot.

    A rose gold lighter with an electric current

    7. And a vintage-inspired storage ottoman for the person with an overflowing candle collection and nowhere to put it. Just pop the top to reveal a super-roomy storage area, perfect for keeping those three-wick candles safe and sound.

    8. A Casper nap pillow so they can squeeze in a nap whenever the sleepies hit them. Because it can fold up in a small bag, it's great to take on a travel day or for long commutes.

    9. A longline sports bra they can wear during your next yoga outing together, or the next time you have a marathon Netflix session. Either way, they'll love how soft it feels and that it can be worn as a top if they so choose.

    10. A mesh bralette for anyone who can't even fathom wearing an underwire bra (the horror!) It's comfortable enough to wear when they're just lounging around, and it gives enough support that they'll feel confident wearing this when they're out and about, too.

    model wearing the bralette with wide band in olive green

    11. A fleece throw perfect for anyone with pets who constantly love to snuggle up with them. The deliciously soft fabric will keep them warm during cold nights, and their dog or cat will feel just as cozy underneath the comforting fabric.

    12. A Twilight-inspired sweatshirt for a subtle nod to their favorite vampire saga. They'll love pairing this super-soft sweatshirt with their favorite pair of leggings and showing it off as they head to their local coffee shop.

    A person is wearing a cream sweatshirt that says
    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    Basic and Peachy is a small business based in Tempe, Arizona that sells adorable quirky sweatshirts, T-shirts, tumblers, and decals!

    "I am absolutely obsessed with this sweatshirt. It's not only so cute for any Twilight fan, but it's ridiculously cozy and warm! I even wear it as pajamas!" —Stephanie Hope

    Shipping Info: Free shipping within the US, will take 1 to 10 days for the Etsy shop to prepare your order for shipment

    Get it from Basic and Peachy on Etsy for $35.10+ (available in sizes S–3XL and six colors).

    13. A blanket scarf that's pretty much a necessity for anyone who's constantly cold. This gift is so budget-friendly, you can even get them a few different colors so they'll always have one to match their outfit.

    14. An easy, breezy polka dot maxi skirt for the days even pants feel too constricting. They can wear this in the summer with a tank top or in the winter paired with tights underneath and a knit sweater on top.

    buzzfeed editor wearing a long black maxi skirt with smalll white polka dots and a pleated ruffle on the bottom

    15. A Slip silk pillowcase so they'll always be able to find the cool side of the pillow. This pillowcase will also help prevent breakage in their hair and keep it from looking less frizzy when they wake up. Yes, a perfect gift does exist, and it's this.

    A model holding the pillowcase in pink marble

    16. Or a pack of large silk scrunchies from Brooklinen because coziness can extend to their haircare, too. They'll feel so luxurious as they use this to keep their hair back.

    black, white, and pink scrunchies on Bek's wrist

    17. A reversible sherpa bomber jacket — they'll feel like a warm little teddy bear, even on the coldest of winter days.

    a model wears the l-2b sherpa bomber in black camo

    18. Or this teddy coat for your friend who's destined to become an Instagram influencer one day. Just look at how stylish this thing is!

    19. A pair of polar bear socks from Conscious Step that is not only adorable and will keep their toes warm, but is also sustainably made. In fact, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Conservation International.

    natalie in the black polar bear print crew socks

    20. A tee inspired by Taylor Swift's Folklore album for anyone who knows that listening to this Grammy-winning album is the epitome of coziness. You can practically ~picture them in the trees~ as they rock this extra-soft long-sleeved tee.

    21. A customized pack of MeUndies because everyone knows you can't truly be comfortable if your underwear is bothering you! MeUndies might just be the softest, best-fitting underwear they'll ever try — gift this to your partner, and they'll love you even more than before.

    pack of blue, green, and magenta briefs

    22. A sweatshirt if they have more macabre tastes and tend to love Halloween more than the winter holidays. Trust us — they'll love this comfy sweater so much, they'll be rocking it all year long.

    model wearing a sweatshirt that says future ghost
    myself wearing the sweatshirt in a pumpkin patch
    Femfetti, Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    Femfetti is a small business run by a squad of incredibly creative women in Columbus, Ohio. They've been making apparel since 2013 and every design features hand-drawn illustrations and lettering!

    "I got this sweatshirt in a large and I love the oversized, unisex look (pictured above, right). It's incredibly cozy and I was positively swarmed by kind compliments when I wore this while apple picking with fellow fall enthusiasts. Go ahead and bookmark this small biz now, because it's one of the *very* best places to shop for gifts! Dig through the over 700 laugh-out-loud (and lovely) items available." —Mallory Mower

    Shipping Info: Free shipping, this Etsy shop will take 1–3 business days to prepare your order for shipment.

    Get it from Femfetti on Etsy for $32+ (available in unisex sizes S–5XL).

    23. An extra-plush area rug so they can feel like they're walking on clouds whenever they step into their living room. 

    the 8x10-foot rug in a buzzfeed editor's living room
    buzzfeed editor placing their hand on the rug to show the long pile length
    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed, Chelsea Stuart / Buzzfeed

    "I've been testing this rug out in my living room for a few months now and despite how picky I am about pile length, ease of cleaning, and general look, I give it high marks! I have two cats who are super shedders and a BF who eats at the coffee table and drops every other bite so I was worried about it getting stained/ruined almost immediately. Luckily, no such thing has happened thus far! We've had run-ins with ketchup and cat puke, but both came out with a basic carpet cleaner — no problem at all. I vacuum it regularly which keeps it looking fresh and it doesn't shed, either. All in all, I *love* this rug and would absolutely buy another!" Chelsea Stuart

    Shipping Info: Shipping times vary depending on location. See map here to check how long shipping takes to contiguous US states.

    Get it from Boutique Rugs for $29.85+ (originally $85.29+; available in 11 sizes).

    24. A pair of Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers for anyone who's constantly on the go and could use some seriously comfy footwear to carry them through the day.

    buzzfeed editor's grey and white fabric sneakers

    25. A hooded L.L. Bean sherpa robe so they can feel like they're staying at a five-star resort whenever they put this on as they get out of the shower. It's also a great "outfit" for those lazy WFH days when they have no Zoom meetings on the schedule.

    26. A crushed velvet lounge top and joggers that screams "comfort, but make it fashion." Get ready to catch them wearing this pair at least once a week.

    Model wearing matching top and bottom with tassel details on waistband and buttons and collar on the blouse

    27. A cozy Chappy Wrap blanket for the friend who's constantly game to go to outdoor breweries with you even in the dead of winter. Now they can take this machine-washable blanket with them every time the craving for a local IPA hits!

    28. An incredibly soft cashmere scarf to keep their neck warm and toasty and their outfit looking fashionable. Just advise them to keep this scarf away from Jake Gyllenhaal.....he might keep it forever and never give it back to them.

    29. A pair of Injinji sock liners for your active friend who's always going on hikes. They'll appreciate the comfort of the individual toe compartments, and they'll love how it wicks away moisture and prevents blisters better than any other hiking sock they currently own.

    writer wearing light grey toe socks

    30. A weighted blanket that not only looks super stylish but will also give them the ultimate gift: a good night's sleep. Get ready for a flood of grateful texts from them after the first night they use it!

    a person using the weighted blanket in navy while reading a book

    31. Or this Classic All You Bra from Pepper if your partner is always complaining they can't find the perfect bra for their smaller boobs. Designed specifically for small chests, they won't have to worry about gaping, straps that constantly fall down, or any other general discomfort.

    32. A Bed Threads flax linen bedding set that will keep them cool in the summer but also cozy and comfy in the winter. Magic? Quite possibly.

    33. A beanie from Love Your Melon for the ultimate cold-weather accessory. Not only does this make a great (and useful!) stocking stuffer, you'll also feel great about your purchase: 50% of their profits are given to the Love Your Melon fund to support the fight against pediatric cancer.

    a grey and white speckled beanie

    34. A towel from Havly that actually gets softer after every wash — perfect for parents who have been using the same scratchy towels since you were born. They deserve this fancy upgrade!

    35. A two-piece loungewear set for the fanciest person on your list — it's giving a "just headed to the farmer's market to pick up some organic rutabagas" vibe. Designed to be oversized and extra soft, this set takes loungewear to a whole new level.