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    45 Budget-Friendly Home Products That Will Make Your Place Look Great

    You don't need to spend oodles of $$$ to give your space a makeover — these affordable pieces of furniture and decor will have you feeling like you're living in an HGTV show.

    1. A throw pillow cover with a fun pom-pom border that will add a playful touch to your couch or bed. It's a great way to add some much needed color to an otherwise plain room.

    throw pillow with pom pom borders

    2. A set of floating shelves that are especially useful in your bathroom to provide some extra storage space. It'll also add more places for you to place your plants, frames, or any other small decorative items.

    Reviewer's picture of the wooden floating shelves to display decorative bottles and plants
    reviewer pic of the three shelves above a counter in a bathroom

    Promising review: "These were the first shelves I've ever put up, and a year later, I still love them. They're actually surprisingly sturdy and I never think twice about loading them up with however much I can fit (they never show any sign of strain or move at all). They are pretty small, so check the dimensions, but they are absolutely perfect for displaying photos, art, plants, etc. I've moved them around to three different walls in the past year, and I'm constantly switching out the displayed items yet they show almost no wear or tear." —zebrye

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $31.85+ (available in three colors).

    3. A set of magnetic decorative garage accents to instantly up the curb appeal of your house. No need to spend lots of money on a brand-new garage door — just stick these on where you want them, step back, and bask in the glory of feeling like you're a host of an HGTV design show.

    4. A table that's slim enough to fit even in narrow entryways or hallways. It's also a great way to add some extra storage or place some of your favorite decor pieces right behind your couch.

    5. A ceramic lips planter so dang cool, your lips won't be able to be sealed because you'll keep telling everyone how much you love it.

    someone holding the red lips planter which has a plant inside

    6. A vintage-inspired mirror with serious Pride & Prejudice vibes — this definitely looks like something Lizzy Bennet would stare into all day while contemplating her feelings for Mr. Darcy.

    7. Or a set of these three decorative mirrors to liven up an entryway or add a pretty focal point to the blank wall above your couch.

    8. A set of copper-lined wineglasses so you can add some extra flair to your happy hour. Red wine looks especially fancy and robust as it reflects off the copper!

    model pouring red wine into a wine glass with a copper design

    9. Blackout velvet curtains that are as beautiful as they are functional. Hang them high and wide, like in the photo below, to make your windows appear bigger!

    reviewer's blue velvet blackout curtains

    10. A nonslip desk mat to dress up your work space while simultaneously protecting your desktop from any damage. If you use a mouse, this can also act as one big mouse pad as well.

    reviewer's grey desk mat with computer mug and phone on it

    11. A knitted, textured throw blanket that might just be the softest, most luxurious blanket you've ever felt. Did I mention how it looks super sophisticated draped across your couch or bed?

    12. A curtain of twinkly lights to make you feel like you're a woodland fairy living under the stars. Hanging these up in your bedroom will instantly give the cozy space some more character.

    13. A sleek velvet ottoman with some super-useful hidden storage within it. Just pop the top to reveal a huge empty area where you can store candles, blankets, really whatever you want. You can also flip the top upside down, and bam! — now you have a table!

    14. A set of faux tulips that'll add a dainty flair to any corner of your house. If freshly cut bouquets leave you sneezing all day long, this is a genius way for seasonal allergy sufferers to still add some vibrant color to their space.

    15. Or a naturally dried bouquet so you don't have to worry about it wilting like fresh bouquets do. Now you have this beautiful arrangement making your space look gorgeous all year long!

    palm leaf bouquet with an assortment of pampas grass stems

    16. handmade floral coaster that will look positively stunning even just sitting there on your coffee table. It's equal parts pretty and practical — it'll protect the surfaces of your house from water stains while making you feel like you're in the middle of a garden.

    Set of transparent coasters with uneven edged gold rim and white pressed flowers inside
    Poppy & Pour / Etsy

    BTW — Poppy & Pour is a California-based small business that has been creating custom flower coasters, keychains, and more since 2020.

    Promising review: "Absolutely gorgeous! It's hard to get a good photo of resin without reflections or light so trust me when I say this is even more beautiful in person! Seller gave me exactly what I requested and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Highly highly recommended!" —nlivnil

    Get it from Poppy & Pour on Etsy for $14+ (available with or without golden rim).

    17. A floating bookshelf for a seemingly ~magical~ way to show off your favorite books. It's a smart solution for small spaces that don't have enough room for a large bookcase.

    18. A bathtub caddy to transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis where you can soak all your worries away. It's slip resistant, has extendable handles, and will keep electronics, candles, and books safe and secure.

    19. A set of artificial ivy vines to instantly make your bedroom feel more ethereal and calming when you hang them up against a wall. It's a budget-friendly way to create an eye-grabbing accent wall in your space.

    20. Copper and brass or satin nickel switch plate covers for a simple way to make something you touch and look at every day look so much chicer.

    21. A pack of LED battery-operated puck lights you can place underneath your kitchen cabinets or in your closet to provide some much needed light in dark corners of your home.

    reviewer photo of a gray kitchen with multiple puck lights lighting up the counter underneath the cabinets

    22. A roll of faux-marble contact paper to give your sad, old-looking counters a face-lift. You can also use this to transform simple pieces of furniture into more interesting pieces.

    23. A digital clock that looks stylish and futuristic while sitting on your side table. When you're not using it to tell the time, it doubles as a mirror!

    mirrored alarm clock on a marbled surface

    24. Velvet slipcovers to make your couch look practically brand new, and you don't have to pay anyone to reupholster the whole thing.

    25. A colorful area rug with the power to brighten up any room. If you feel like your bedroom or home office is missing something, chances are this area rug is the finishing touch you're looking for.

    26. Or this braided area rug if you're looking for something that'll give your room the oomph it needs. Seriously — this thing is so gorgeous, you could place it in your living room and not have to add much other decor.

    braided colorful rug in a loft-style room with exposed brick and concrete floors

    27. A framed art print from the Jungalow collection at Target that gives off a sophisticated abstract vibe. Place it on your wall by itself to make a statement or use it as the main focus of your gallery wall.

    jungalow art print hanging up on the wall

    28. Or an impressive tapestry to place behind your bed so you have a beautiful vista to stare at as you're getting ready in the morning.

    The vividly colored tapestry, featuring trees, mountains, birds, and more, hanging above a bed

    29. A faux-fur seat cushion that will not only make your plastic office chair much more comfortable, but it will also add a delightful pop of color to brighten up your workday.

    30. A set of geode bookends to place around your favorite books so visitors will be sure to notice how well read you are.

    31. A 20-piece set of rainbow or rose-gold flatware that's eye-catching, playful, and anything but boring. It'll make every dinner you spend at home feel like an ~event~.

    32. A strawberry vase for anyone who appreciates a touch of whimsy in their decor. Get ready for some *sweet* compliments from visitors who fall in love with this ~berry~ cute vase.

    giant strawberry shaped vase with daisies inside

    33. A set of modern-looking pantry labels for a crisp, clean way to identify everything in your food storage containers. You'll feel like you're shopping in a fancy grocery store every time you open your pantry doors!

    seven OXO containers with labels on them

    34. Or this set of fridge organization labels so you can know exactly where everything is with just one glance inside. It'll also streamline the overall look of your fridge — you can even customize the font, size, and color!

    35. Some peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash that'll give your kitchen a makeover without having to hire a professional. The streamlined look will instantly make your kitchen look more modern.