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    18 Bookcases That Make Us Feel All Warm And Fuzzy Inside

    We love all of your shelfies!

    Any book lover knows that their bookcase is their most prized possession. Many of us spend hours organizing it to make it absolutely perfect.

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to submit pictures of their own bookcases or bookshelves, and their submissions are making us want to go rethink our own shelves!!

    1. This wrap-around design is our dream situation because you'll always be surrounded by your favorite books.

    2. Can you believe how creative this dryer-turned-bookcase is?!

    "I found this cool dryer door next to a dumpster where I used to work. I showed it to my dad and he made me this bookcase out of it." —alk14

    3. Or this broken grandfather clock that was transformed into a one-of-a-kind bookcase?

    4. The fairy lights illuminating this bookcase makes us feel so warm and cozy inside.

    5. Even if your book collection is a bit unorganized, you know that it's beautiful because it's uniquely yours.

    "Mine is messy, but hey, I don't care! My dog is cute :D" —popyt

    6. This bookcase celebrates some of literature's most beloved characters, so even when you're not rereading your favorite book, you can still honor it.

    "This shelfie consists of my favorite books: Harry potter, Alice in wonderland, Game of Thrones, etc." —oasisgirl

    7. We love that this bookshelf leaves some room to grow because let's be honest: most of us buy more books each month than we care to admit.

    "Just got a new bookshelf, so there is room to grow! Top two shelves are books where I own only one book from said author. Bottom three are where I own more." —sandranniina

    8. This woman told her significant other her books needed their own space, and we are so proud that she (and her books) got what they needed.

    "When I first moved in with my boyfriend (now husband), I told him my books need their own space. Five years, a wedding and a new house later, and he made sure I had my sanctuary."—rebeccah4834c69dd

    9. Small floating bookshelves are a great way to keep all of your favorite books in one place.

    "They hang above my bed and I am slowly running out of space, but I see that as a good thing. It’s the home of all my favorite series, with Harry Potter, or course, being on top!" —kenzier423a806d9

    10. When you have two bookcases devoted to your favorite genre, you know you're doing it right.

    "My horror shelves. I’m a huge Stephen King fan, and collect all of his works, sometimes multiple editions." —brandicorn81

    11. Color-coordinated shelves are a popular organization strategy, and we can see why.

    "I arrange my bookcases by color now. I have 14-foot-high ceilings at my current apartment, so I wanted to make the bookcases visually striking. I also love tucking various treasures and tchotchkes amongst the books." —debra130

    12. Another example of how visually appealing color coordination is

    "Most of my books are organized by color, but I have some organized by series too. I’ve had a lot of these books for years and they’re some of my most prized possessions." —brynnc40458a4e6

    13. We're seriously impressed by this bookworm who has utilized every. single. inch. of their bookcase!

    "I think i’m going to need another shelf soon..." —lucymx

    14. The way this bookshelf has the perfect balance of books, frames, and small mementos is organization at its finest.

    15. Even if other people can't tell from the outside, you can organize your bookcase in a way that is special to you.

    "My system is basically organized chaos. Top and half of the 2nd shelf is all signed copies from authors I’ve met in person." —meganr404eba5a1

    16. This series of bookcases essentially take up an entire wall, and this is the kind of decor we live for.

    17. This person has sprinkled in things like pencil holders, shoes, and plants among their most prized books.

    "I’m still figuring out what to do with the bottom shelves that you can’t really see, but I love having all the physical books I love organized in a way that looks nice." —suew4108ac29d

    18. Do you see how the shelf that's second from the top descends in height from left to right? We applaud you.

    "Especially love my kokeshi dolls and the quena (flute) my sister brought from Perú. My favorite corner of the room." —kittymoo

    Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

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