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    30 Of The Best Storage Solutions That You Can Get On Amazon

    Finally organize your closet, kitchen, bathroom, living room, pantry, and pretty much every last inch of your house with these smart storage products.

    1. A three-tier metal utility cart that you can utilize in so many ways: as a nightstand, a craft station, or a kitchen organizer, just to name a few.

    blue utility cart with craft supplies on it
    blue utility cart with art supplies in it

    Promising review: "This is such a great value! Super cute, quick and easy to assemble, even comes with a screwdriver. Generous-sized trays — this organizer can hold A LOT. I love the wheels; they make it so easy to move around. Very sturdy construction and the removable dividers were an unexpected and happy surprise. I bought this for makeup storage but I could see using this just about anywhere. Very pleased with this purchase!" —Rh121

    Price: $37.99+ (available in six colors)

    2. A three-tiered shelf to take advantage of that awkward corner on your kitchen counters. Place your most-used spices or oils on this so you can grab them easily while cooking.

    a three-tiered shelf with kitchen essentials on it

    Promising review: "I love this stand! It’s so perfect for my coffee corner. I am able to get everything organized and utilize the space on my counter. The shelves are really sturdy and not wobbly at all. They easily support everything I want to put on each shelf." —McKenna's Mommy

    Price: $26.59+ (available with or without hooks)

    3. A large woven rope basket for storing all of your bulky throw blankets, extra linens, or your kid's toys. They'll actually blend into your decor and make your space look put together instead of sticking out like plastic storage bins do.

    pink basket in a black and white rope basket
    stuffed animals in a brown and white rope storage basket

    I've owned these for years and love them! I use one for blankets and the other to store my dumbbells for at-home workouts. They're super sturdy and the neutral colors look great in my living room. When they arrive, they'll be folded flat and look misshapen, but once you place contents in them, they adjust to their normal, round shape.

    Promising review: "I love this basket! I have been using rope baskets in my room to store things. My favorite thing about these rope baskets is that they’re really cute, but also functional. They’re great for when you need storage, but you’ve run out of hidden storage, or when you need to store something that is used frequently. I bought this storage basket to store my knitting and crafting supplies. Storing things out of sight makes it difficult for me to remember to finish it at times, so it’s nice that it’s visible but not an eyesore. The size of this basket is fantastic. I have another smaller one that wasn’t quite big enough, so I bought this large size and still have room to spare! It’s a great quality, and I will keep it to use forever." —K M

    Price: $23.99+ (available in five colors)

    4. A four-shelf over-the-toilet rack because that's some very valuable real estate, and if you don't currently have any sort of storage solution above your commode, this will change that!

    Promising review: "So nice! Even though it’s just two of us we struggle to keep things clean. I finally realized that it’s because we don’t have enough stuff that'll actually organize everything. This makes life sooo much easier for us! It keeps everything in the open but still organized. I have curly hair and have a TON of products. I also love baths and have a ton of stuff for that too (salts, bubbles, bombs, candles). I now can keep everything on here and it’s perfect access from the shower and the sink! Our bathroom is small and it’s perfect. Usually, my husband assembled but I did this time because I didn’t want to wait. Super easy! It’s not super sturdy but we haven’t had any issues. You might want to bolt to the wall though. But you don’t have to." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $34.99

    5. An over-the-door shoe organizer to keep all of your favorite sneakers, sandals, and flats within view. You can also use it in your coat closet to store winter gloves, hats, and scarves or in a storage closet to hold cleaning supplies.

    clear over the door shoe organizer with shoes in it
    over the door plastic shoe organizer with cleaning supplies in it

    Promising review: "We just moved into a house with smaller storage space than we are used to and these over-the-door pockets have been perfect! We bought a couple of them for shoes and another one to expand the storage capacity of our very tiny kitchen pantry (we had to fold under one row of pockets to make it fit). These hang well without damaging the doors or affecting the ability to open and close them. Additionally, they seem sturdy and hold even our bulky hiking and running shoes without issue. We can fit small sandals both into the same pocket, expanding the space even more." —wawadehut

    Price: $9.97+ (available in three colors)

    6. A garment rack that's a useful and gorgeous way to show off your favorite clothes. It's also a great solution if you happen to live in an apartment with practically no closet space.

    a garment rack with clothes and various items on it
    black garment rack with clothes, folded clothes, and shoes

    Promising review: "I really like this clothing rack. I’m using it for clothes that I wear most often so they are easier to get to than digging through my closet of clothes I wear less often. It was easy to put together and directions were clear but I did need a second person to help me. I probably could have done it on my own but it was easier to have someone else hold up the pieces while I screwed in the hardware. It’s pretty sturdy on its own. I wouldn’t put anything super heavy on the top overhead shelf, but I have folded up clothes on the top shelf, like 20 sweaters/dresses/shirts hanging currently and two pairs of shoes on the bottom, and I don’t feel it rock when I pull clothes off. Seems durable as well; the metal bar the clothes hang on is thick and holds my heavy wooden hangers fine." —Taylor

    Price: $67.99+ (available in two colors and three designs)

    7. A floating bookshelf for a seemingly ~magical~ way to store and display your favorite books. It's a smart solution for small spaces that don't have enough room for a large bookcase.

    three floating bookshelves full of hardcover books
    lots of floating bookshelves in a wall

    Promising review: "These are so much fun! We ordered the small size, which fits standard hardback books (approximately five to seven hardbacks in my experience). They're a great way to add some extra storage to our very small home, and we've placed them in our hallway so people ask us about them all the time. I'd highly recommend!" —LaBuenaVidaMere

    Price: $14+ (available in two sizes and multiple quantities)

    8. A set of drawer organizers so you can finally get control over your junk drawer. Now you'll actually be able to find your scissors when you need them instead of frantically rummaging through an endless abyss.

    reviewer's desk drawer with clear bins organizing it
    reviewer's makeup drawer with clear bins organizing it

    Many reviewers also used this to organize their desk supplies, makeup, or medicine. In the 21-piece set, you'll get three large bins, six medium rectangle bins, six small rectangle bins, and six small square bins.

    Promising review: "Love this product. Tall enough to fit things, short enough to not block drawers when closing. Sturdy to put in all kinds of things. This round I used for makeup, toiletries, etc. Ordering more for junk drawer and crafts. Extremely versatile and practical and looks good too. My husband loves the organization of our bathroom drawer and I love the fact if I need something I can take that piece out to where I need it and then bring it back nice and neat." —Jen

    Price: $26.99+ (available in clear and light gray)

    9. A slim storage tower that slides right into that awkward space between your washing machine and dryer and holds all of your laundry essentials. You can also place it in the gap between your fridge and cabinets for some sneaky kitchen storage!

    Promising review: "Love this. Even after a few months, I wheel it out from its discreet place between the fridge and the furnace and still get a little thrill at all it holds and hides away. Have 25 cans of food plus cup noodles and rice on it currently and it handles it all well. Glides silently and effortlessly. Only possible drawback is it does feel a bit flimsy, but as long as you aren't rough or have kids who would push it over you are good to go!" —Morgan

    Price: $29.99 (available in two colors)

    10. A three-tier spice rack intended to maximize the storage space in your cabinet so you can keep all of your spices upright and easy to find. No more digging around a random drawer to find the garlic powder!

    Reviewers said you can also use these shelves to organize canned goods.

    Promising review: "My spice cabinet is next to the oven, and it extends all the way to the wall, with another cabinet at a right angle, meaning there is only so much space in the cabinet that you can see when you open the cabinet door, even though the cabinet is much bigger. This organizer extends a good way down the cabinet and the stair steps of it make it such usable space! My spice cabinet is so much more user-friendly, and I can actually see what I have. I highly recommend and can see tons more uses for this in other cabinets!" —Eileen T.

    Price: $19.99 (also available in an expandable style)

    11. A pots and pans organizer to stack your most-used skillets in your kitchen cabinets for easy access. It's adjustable so you can fit different-shaped pots and pans on it with ease.

    storage rack with gray pots and pans on it
    silver rack with cast iron pots on it

    Promising review: "I have been wanting to organize my kitchen cabinets for years. Finally got tired of lifting three pans to get the one I need. They were very easy to assemble and adjust as needed for the correct spacing. They were also very sturdy. I have eight skillets and I ordered two of these racks. These are the perfect solution for my cabinet. Gave me more space than I had before and it's so much easier to get to my skillets now. I love them. Would recommend them to anyone." —Piper L.

    Price: $22.97

    12. An under-bed storage bin so you can easily hide away all of that out-of-season clothing that's taking up precious space in your already stuffed closet.

    Promising review: "Okay! I have bought so many different storage items! Bags of all kinds. I wish that I had seen this before I spent my paycheck on crap that didn’t live up to what I was actually expecting or what I really wanted. This storage bag or whatever you want to refer to it as...IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...I MEAN AMAZING/AWESOME/WONDERFUL!! I love it so much; it is spacious, sturdy, and durable. It impressed me how much space there actually was. But my real surprise came when the zipper wasn’t a flimsy one like most have on them. I promise you cannot go wrong purchasing this. If you are disappointed, I’ll be very surprised." —