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17 Mexican-Inspired Breakfasts You Can Make At Home

More than just breakfast tacos and burritos.

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2. Migas

The Tex-Mex version of chilaquiles, migas are often served with scrambled eggs instead of fried eggs and include more ingredients like peppers and salsa. You can also serve these with tortillas and make some of the best breakfast tacos of your life. Recipe here.

3. Pan Dulce

Pan dulce ("sweet bread" in Spanish) has a very colorful history. Frenchmen and Spaniards who came to Mexico introduced baked goods like baguettes and sweet pastries to the country, and the Mexicans created their own version of the sweet treats. One of the most popular kinds of pan dulce are conchas (pictured above), which are sweet buns with beautifully bright coating. Recipe here.


4. Huevos Rancheros

Translated in Spanish to "rancher's eggs," this classic Mexican breakfast dish got its name because it was a very popular and easy dish to fuel farmers working on rural Mexican farms. A flat, lightly fried corn tortilla is the base of the dish, and it's often topped with tomato-chili sauce and a fried egg with refried beans and rice on the side. Recipe here (with homemade refried beans!).

5. Breakfast Molletes

Molletes are one of the easiest Mexican breakfast to make when you're low on time. Bolillos (Mexican baguettes) are sliced lengthwise and hollowed out just a bit, and the hollowed-out part is filled with refried beans and topped with cheese. Recipe here.

6. Sweet Potato Chorizo Hash

Chorizo, which is pork sausage cooked with chili peppers, is very popular in Mexican and Spanish dishes, and when paired with sweet potatoes, eggs, and homemade avocado crema, it will add a punch of protein to jump start your day. Recipe here.

7. Tamales

Joshua Bousel / Via

Breakfast on Christmas morning is a pretty big deal for Mexican families, and tamales are often served as the kids open presents. My family often had them because we had so many leftover from our big Christmas Eve dinner the night before! You can add a fried egg on top to make the tamales more breakfast-y. Recipe here.


8. Menudo

Another traditional meal to serve on Christmas morning, menudo is a red chili pepper-based soup made with tripe, which is the lining of beef stomach (yep.) It can be made in big batches and is often topped with freshly chopped onions and cilantro. Recipe here.

10. Breakfast Torta

María del Mar Sacasa / Via

Breakfast sandwiches can give life back to the most hungover of brunchers, and this sandwich combines all the best aspects of Mexican breakfast foods into one handheld beauty. Recipe here.


15. Churro Doughtnuts

Churros are usually served as a dessert or snack, but when you transform the fried-dough pastry into the shape of a doughnut, they suddenly become acceptable to eat for breakfast! Don't forget to serve with melted chocolate sauce. Recipe here.