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*UPDATED*: Which Member Of 65 Westlit Are You?

Figure out which one of us clowns you are by taking this dumbass quiz

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  1. What is your top priority in life?

    Getting enough basic survival needs
    Going to Thailand
    Thicc dick
    Not choking someone at work
    My dad Sidney, my mom Karen, my brother Isaac, my boyfriend Nick, my cousin Stevey...
    Getting into nursing bc that is all that matters in life
  2. It's Friday night and you have no plans. What do you do?

    Netflix and eating my feelings
    Gather the gang we going out bitches
    Mmmmmmmmmmm I have a lab
    If all my friends are going out, I will follow
    Hanging out with my boyfriend and having philosophical talks duh
    Pls I have no time for this I'm working
  3. Favourite food?

    Burrito but no guac pls I'm allergic
    Some lactose/gluten free kosher shit
    All things chocolate
    A good hearty meal like thicko chicko
  4. What do you look for in a partner?

    What is a partner?
    Has to be a good listener - I have alot to say
    Someone I can take care of
    Over 6 foot or get tf out ew
    If they're cute we good
  5. Pick a drink of choice

    A lot of vodka
    I'd rather not, I have soy milk waiting for me in the fridge right now
    Dom Perignon, but if you don't have that I'll take a coffee with Baileys
    Vodka & orange juice
    I ain't picky just give me a mickey
  6. Flavour of ice cream?

    Triple belgian chocolate
    Salted caramel
    Anything but chocolate yuck
    I would prefer not to eat ice cream
    Cookie dough
  7. A homeless man approaches you and licks your face. How do you react?

    Start a fight with him let's go WORLDSTAR
    Cringe tf out
    Call the police
    Call my mom and complain about it
    Tell him my boyf will come and fuck him up
  8. Pineapples on pizza?

    Hell nah
    Ugh I will but only cause Dimpy wants pizza and I'm kinda hungry
    Meh... okay
    No thanks I have my PC spinach pizza in the oven already
    Sure why not
  9. Choose a male counterpart

    Nick Chronis
    Kyle Losingham
    Troy Richard
    Trystan Stephens
    Justin Monaco-Barnes
    Prince Harry
  10. What are you really bad at in life?

    Being quiet
    Relating to stupid people
    Not getting distracted by Dasha
    Carrying hot dogs across campus
  11. What are you really good at in life?

    Being philosophical
    Talking... like alot
    Being louder than a banshee
    Doing impressions of Dimpy
    I'm an urtist
    Disappearing for 2 hours while drunk but returning safe and sound
  12. You walk into the house and greet your housemates - what do you say?

    Nothing. I head straight to my room because I have 8 million things to do I have no time to socialize.
    Hello darling how was your day?!
    Smile and wave at whoever is there
    Look at them, say "hey" in the most melancholic tone I can possibly manage then stumble to my room
  13. Someone pisses you tf off. What do you do?

    Snap back at them- how dare they mess with you!
    Look at them like they're crazy and make sure they know you think so
    Roll my eyes at them
    Be as petty as possible
    Confront the shit outta them they oughtta know their place
  14. How do you handle adversity?

    I'm just trying to get that lab done ok
    What adversity? I'm going to Thailand
    I ask my mommy what to do
    Ain't nothin gonna bring me doooooowwwwwn
    Yeah well it's a Motown ting tonight soooo
  15. Last question - who is your favourite Beatle?

    Paul McCartney
    George Harrison
    John Lennon
    Ringo Starr
    Isn't a beatle a bug?
    Yeah... fuck those guys

*UPDATED*: Which Member Of 65 Westlit Are You?

You got: Cieara

Your life is a mess and so are you. Half the time you contemplate throwing yourself into traffic and the other half you're pulling your hair out with Dimpy and watching Shrek or Jurassic Park. You value your friends, food, money, Taco del Mar, and your Miss Vickie's Chips - and if someone messes with that you will make sure to let them know in your threatening house chat texts. You are probably unstable because you wake up at 5 am to enjoy physical activity without any people in the gym or else you cry.

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You got: Dimpy

Still not sure how you have a social life or are even alive at this rate with how much sleep you've missed in the past 6 months. Eating and sleeping sufficiently is a thing of the past for you. You're a fun time to turn up with except when it comes to green out episodes - "RUB MY BACK." One thing that royally pisses you off is when people leave the laundry door open into your room, but the worst is when anyone dares to take your precious Coca-Cola cans. SQUIGGLIES & SUBWAY ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

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You got: Dasha

You're a happy person, you're the chef of the house and also the wildest dirtiest partier anyone has laid eyes on. You don't believe in monogamy bc fuck that, but you do appreciate a boy who brings you burritos (and nachos for your housemates). Your favourite inanimate objects are fans and you would probably date one if you could. Yakking in a 1280 booth is also a fun pasttime.

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You got: Yelly

PNB, PNB, PNB (and BluCru). You talk a mile a minute, rivaling a frequency close to that of Troy's. Your family is really important to you and everyone close to you will know the majority of your family tree. Most of your diet consists of things people have never heard of (Jewish mac and cheese), but you keep your housemates well-fed by offering them packages from your massive snack collective of snap peas in the kitchen.

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You got: Mary

Dollar beers anyone? Netflix is a big thing in your life, even though you always have orgo to do, but hey, The Good Wife is way more important than that. You are always ready to have a good time and if there is a good time, you will make sure your signature dance move - "The Mary" - will make an appearance. You like tall guys and tall guys only. Under 6 footers can take a hike. Anything chocolate or peanut butter-related (or both) in your life is always a good thing. ALWAYS. Also don't forget I'm going to Thailand this summer guys.

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You got: Mamba

You're such a mother. Literally, making everyone food, taking care of your housemates, your boyf, whoever. You like to knit, and you're a hard worker. If you get too fucked up, there's always a shower down the hall you can hop into and just hangout in there for a while. Pogo sticks are a must for anyone's diet, especially yours. You like aesthetic, you're really artsy, and you will always be there to give your high friends tattoos in the kitchen of your bf's house.

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