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Could This Kickstarter BE Any Cuter?!

Recent Carnegie Melon grad Yulin Kuang brings us Irene Lee, Girl Detective.

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This short film combines writer/director Yulin's love of coming-of-age stories, patterned wallpapers, antiquing, and sleuthing. The story is inspired in part by her experiences growing up in suburban New Jersey, during which she was an active reader of the paperback mystery series: The Boxcar Children, The Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley, and Nancy Drew (and then later on the television series Pushing Daisies and Veronica Mars.)

What sets this project apart from most is its attention to detail, with its amazing production design and clever rhythm carried throughout the short.

The team has a $4,000 goal but each additional dollar would allow them to raise the bar of the final product.

Potential possibilities include:

•professional color grading suite

•commission a professional artist to illustrate the storybook version of the film

•more intensive marketing plans

•booking their dream casting choices for the narrator

•paying for their first pick song choices in music licensing fees

•film a bonus case for Irene Lee, Girl Detective to solve