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A Children's Show That Is Important To Watch

...they just need a little help in the ca$h money department.

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The creator's of Adventure Sandwich are on to something, and we like it...

Adventure Sandwich is a live-action cartoon celebrating the imagination, creative problem-solving, and collaboration, made for young people (and their grown ups). YES GROWN UPS TOO!

It is inspired in part, of course, by the high-quality children's television that influenced it's creators when they were kids: Pee-Wee's Playhouse, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Mister Roger's Neighborhood & All Things Muppet.

The magic ingredients that made those classics succeed are the same ones they're using in their recipe for Adventure Sandwich: creative content that can be appreciated by more than just the 12-and-under crowd, a focus on:

-emotional intelligence
-incredible original music & art direction
-a wonderfully weird world where stories and characters can flourish
-fun interactive elements to boot


"The special effects are Hand Built and Performed Live alongside the rest of the action. We wanted to do something a little different from most media put out for kids in the 21st century, and to challenge ourselves to make as much as possible out of everyday materials—cardboard, primarily—to inspire kids to create their own made-up worlds at home.

The Disclaimer: of course, they're using computers for nearly every part of the process, from digital cameras to editing software and so on and so forth. However! When we are given the choice between: A) Using a green screen or computer-generated special effects, or B) Attempting to perform even the most ludicrous special effects live on camera, we're steadfastly opting for option B."

Check out their kickstarter page-->

and if you are feeling extra generous, send 'em a few bucks.

It's nice to know that SOMEONE cares about the future kids of our world.

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