19 Reasons Timeflies Needs To Be Your New Favorite Band

Get ready to SWOON.

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3. This is Rob Resnick. He is fucking awesome.

Rez's (@robresnick) baby-making beats will make your ovaries explode. Rez samples everything from classical pieces to the latest EDM influences. In brightest day or blackest night he tweets about his love for Green Lantern.


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He'll challenge the crowd to write down a list of words for him to use. Then he'll freestyle a flow so sick that your ears will ring in ecstasy.


Rez is a self taught music producer who started composing his own material in second grade (like are you kidding?!) And now he's basically, like, the MacGyver of all things music.

6. The duo started producing music in their college dorm room.


These Tufts University graduates formed Timeflies while still in their undergrad years. I don't know about you, but I could barely do laundry in college.

7. Their latest single already has over 1.5M views on YouTube.

It's called "I Choose U". They're so cool they don't even need to use extra vowels.

8. They have music for EVERY mood.


From slow jams and party bangers to rock ballads and the occasional acoustic track...They never disappoint. These guys take risks and when they do, they go HAM.

But to get sentimental for a hot sec, what's even cooler is that they never loose sight of who they are individually as artists. (Okay, moment's over.)

9. The duo posted a new video every Tuesday for 68 consecutive weeks.

Yeah, that's right. 68. This weekly ritual is better known as Timeflies Tuesday. They also have their own Timeflies App where you can get all of their music, videos, and upcoming shows. AND IT'S 100% FREE.

11. They have their own 12-part documentary series called The Clockumentary.

The guys have documented their experiences and crazy antics since the forming of the group. Each video is a piece of the Timeflies journey so far (and it's awesome.)

18. They created their own label, Forty8Fifty, and it's partnered with Island Def Jam Music Group.

Not wanting to have a label dictate what they could or could not do, they guys went without representation the first 3 years of their career. Do you Timeflies, DO YOU.

Fun fact: 4850 represents the guys' address of where they lived in college.

19. So basically they are god's gift to music...

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...And they're just getting started.