12 Worst Things About Restaurant Bills

These summer nights are perfect times to go out for meals with family and friends. Until the bill comes and everybody hates each other and wants to compete.

1. Seeing how expensive your meal was

2. Having to pay for a date

But she ordered really expensive things!

3. The one with the tap water

There is a league of difference between £2.50 mineral water and free tap water.

4. Funny apparently equals money

I don’t think we should Find Nemo anymore. Also, a smiley face on my bill won’t go down well…

5. When only one person got dessert

You already had to sit around awkwardly while they ate it. Now they want you to split the bill evenly!

6. When apparently 10% isn’t a big enough tip

It isn’t like the waiter is going to chase me down the street. Hang on wait… just run.

7. Having to tip for a Chinese buffet

8. The person hiding in the bathroom from the bill

The jokes on you when everybody else leaves.

9. The person that has to use a credit card

10. Left with mountains of change

How do you split a penny between six people?

11. Each foreign country has a different etiquette.

12. It is too hard. Just give up and go home.

We would not recommend this as the easiest way to settle a bill.

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