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    Kids Break Down The Influence Trailblazers Had For Black People

    "This world is so weird. Maybe I should help the world."

    We asked kids to talk about some of their heroes, and then we had adults act it out.

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    Okay, these are the most adorable history teachers in the world.

    "Madam C. J. Walker was a self-made millionaire."

    "She said, 'Maybe I could make some hair and beauty products for my fellow black people.'"

    "Jesse Owens was a field runner. He winned four solid gold medals."

    "Angela Davis said, 'Black Power!'"

    Pretty self-explanatory.

    "Spike Lee is a movie director. He is best known for taking difficult subjects and putting a twist on them, and he does this to bring awareness to the community."

    "In his movie, he said, 'Do the right thing," and black people said, 'Yeah, I could.'"

    "Misty Copeland is a main ballet dancer at the American Ballet Theater."

    And like any great history lesson, this one ended, of course, with cookies.