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    These 17 People Missed The Joke So Hard That They Actually Became The Joke

    Bless them.

    1. This person who obviously doesn't understand the idea of camouflaging:

    2. These people who didn't realise that this user was making a New Year joke:

    3. This animation expert:

    4. This person who clearly didn't realise that the other person was MILKING this joke:

    5. This person who seriously missed the joke:

    6. Karen who didn't KARE at all for this excellent pun:

    7. This person who maybe should've spotted the lack of question mark:

    8. This person who won the "pointing out the obvious" competition:

    9. This person would just couldn't work out the joke:

    10. This person who I kinda feel bad for:

    11. This person who PAINfully missed this bread joke:

    12. This person who discovered the secret:

    13. This person who is really, really smart:

    14. This PlayStation expert:

    15. This Spiderman expert:

    16. This person who must be extremely fun at parties:

    17. And finally, this person who wood need to reexamine their response:

    H/T – r/woooosh