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    14 Animated Foods On Netflix That Look Way Better Than Real Food If I'm Being Honest

    Warning: you might get a bit hungry.

    1. Look at all that steam, I can practically smell the flavours through my screen:

    2. Damn, this scrumptious mess is making me wish I had a George Foreman waffle plate RN:

    3. I can't help but imagine how this sweet, gooey coffee jelly would melt in my mouth:

    4. And, just look at the enchanting ~glow~ of this mega buffet:

    5. Don't tell me you're not imagining sliding a spoonful of this elaborate mound of fruity, perfection into your mouth:

    6. And this ebi katsu? Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside:

    7. I'll have all three of these divine-looking desserts:

    8. Look at the way the sauce is dripping off the luscious takoyaki:

    9. IRL fast food has nothing on these perfectly wrapped burgers:

    10. If instant noodles looked like this then I wouldn't be eating anything else:

    11. Imagine this: it's a hot summer day and sweat is dripping down your forehead. You gulp this icy water and feel it slide seamlessly down your throat. Everything is okay again.

    12. Wheeew, look at this mouth-watering, hearty lobster dish:

    13. You just know that when you bite into this big pineapple slice, your mouth would explode with sweetness:

    14. And if you don't want to smash your face into this, then idk what to think about you: