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    Updated on Mar 11, 2020. Posted on Jul 26, 2018

    This Video Of A Chipmunk Stuffing Its Cheeks Has Won The Hearts Of The Internet

    A truly adorable story.

    Meet Van Gogh the Chippy, a chipmunk who's gone viral after videos of him adorably stuffing his cheeks with food were shared on Instagram.

    Thirty-one-year-old animal lover Ally Calmusky, from Canada, first met Van Gogh in her mum's backyard last summer, where she often goes to feed the wildlife.

    After she uploaded videos of Van Gogh, he quickly garnered attention because of how cute he is. His account now has 15,000 followers.

    Calmusky says they share a special bond and he still visits when she goes around her mum's house.

    "Even though he isn’t my actual pet, I do still really care about the little guy and feel some responsibility for ensuring he is safe and well!"

    While their bond is unique, Calmusky didn't expect Van Gogh to go viral at all.

    Stay adorable, Van Gogh!

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