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    17 Times People Took Pictures That Made Us Think, "Wow That's So Cool"

    Some of them are also really satisfying to look at!

    1. This faucet that looks like it's creating a wine glass:

    IronSheep5318 / Via

    2. This life size sculpture of a gorilla that's made out of coloured pencils:

    3. This pencil that broke in such a satisfying way:

    Journey667 / Via

    4. This rock that looks like an animal drinking from the sea:

    testimoni / Via

    5. This bathroom in Atlanta airport that has lights to let people know if the stalls are occupied:

    katewhiteshark / Via

    6. This really pretty cloud formation:

    biglanga / Via

    7. This cute lampost that holds an umbrella for people sitting on the bench:

    canadacass / Via

    8. This toothpaste that looks like a baby monkey:

    SkyKing015 / Via

    9. These pine cones that change the colour of the flame:

    mzpes / Via

    10. This beautiful frozen waterfall in Ontario:

    lovelyb1ch66 / Via

    11. These grapes that are half green, half red:

    thefivenotes / Via

    12. This burnt out tail light bulb from someone's car which resembles a beautiful marble: / Via SplendaFather

    13. This eggplant that looks so perfect, it seems out of place:

    Juankestein / Via

    14. This small heart-shaped pepper that was hiding inside the bigger pepper:

    ProfessorSports / Via

    15. This stunning leaf-shaped ice:

    greyhoundsrfast / Via

    16. This building that seems like it had lost a dimension:

    izurra / Via

    17. And finally, the way the snow stayed in place after the trunk was opened and closed:

    BellboyBaggins / Via

    H/T – r/mildlyinteresting

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