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    18 Pictures Of Students Who Actually Deserve A Break

    They really do.

    1. This person who didn't completely finish an e-mail to their professor:

    I emailed my professor and meant to say “I am worried I don’t understand some material on our next test” BUT I ACCIDENTALLY SENT THIS HELPME

    2. This student who just about has had enough of maths:

    3. This student who forgets their class so often, that their teacher made a public sign for them:

    4. This student who had to sit through this class:

    5. This student who just wanted to finish a group assignment:

    Got a group assignment due tomorrow for uni which is almost half my grade for the class and im in a group of all girls who have engaged in a full on scrap in the groupchat, whos failing? That would be me

    6. This student who spilled a drink right before class:

    7. Or worse, this student who ripped their jeans in class:

    8. This student who has to FaceTime their teacher whenever they leave the room:

    My teacher makes me FaceTime her when I leave the room because I never come back smh

    9. This person who hates leaving their dog every morning for multiple hours a day:

    10. This student who risked 35% of their grade because they didn't proof read:

    11. The students who got this sent to them by their teacher via AirDrop:

    12. This student who couldn't give a heck about haikus:

    13. This student who just wanted to take a seat:

    14. This student who was supposed to build chairs out of cardboard for a school project:

    15. This student who forgot their professor's name:

    A series of unfortunate events:

    16. The vegetarian students at this college:

    17. Or this student who had this served at school:

    18. And finally, this student who go trapped in the school restroom: