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    14 Gross Things Everyone Does That Are Actually Really Satisfying

    There's nothing more satisfying than pulling out that lonesome nipple hair.

    1. Pulling out a hair that has found its way downtown.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    There's honestly nothing more satisfying than that feeling.

    2. Pooping in one go, without breaking the actual poop.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    A true hole in one. Literally.

    3. Picking out any gunk that has gathered in your nails.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    Don't pretend that you haven't picked out any gunk outta' your nails.

    4. Tweezing out a big old blackhead to satisfaction.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    There's truly nothing more therapeutic than this. Bonus points if you squeeze it all out in one go.

    5. Watching videos of professionals extract ear wax outta' their clients.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    There's no stronger sense of secondhand satisfaction than watching someone get their ear cleansed.

    6. Plucking that lonesome nipple hair.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    Tweezers seem to be the tool of satisfaction.

    7. Making a disgusting food concoction, which definitely shouldn't belong together.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    Gross, but my mouth is satisfied. And that's what matters.

    8. Licking or eating crumbs off your body.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    Chocolate shouldn't be wasted.

    9. Blowing your nose so hard in the shower that it unclogs it.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    Again, full on gross but that feeling you get when the water washes your boogers? Divine.

    10. Squeezing a zit so hard and watching the gunk fly out.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    I guess you can say, zit-isfying. *Ba dum tss*

    11. Letting out a fart that has been trapped in for ages.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    All that pent up gas has to go somewhere, right?

    12. And then sniffing the fart that had been released into the unsuspecting air.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    We will never know why we're this gross, but ~embrace~ it.

    13. Finding lint in the belly button of an innie.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    See a pattern? All the satisfying things are pulling something out of a hole...

    14. And finally, pulling out an ingrown hair which is just begging to come out.

    Cee / BuzzFeed

    Not only is it satisfying, but it also alleviates some of the irritation which occurs from ingrown hairs.

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