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    16 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are Actually The Scariest Animals Alive

    SO scary.

    1. They're a HUGE threat to society.

    To the people who say Pitbulls are vicious, take a look at my Bruce! He's as perfect as can be and loves to get ready with momma 😍🤔

    2. They are extremely unpettable because they're s.c.a.r.y.

    3. You can never trust them to be around babies.

    4. They're also extremely unapproachable.

    5. They have scariest looking paws, which obviously have the power to squish you.

    6. They have such a MENACING grin.

    7. Unbelievable. Look at the ferocious look in its eyes.

    8. They ruin Christmas by hogging all the decorations for themselves.

    9. They're so dangerous...they'll force you to cuddle them!

    10. They'll threaten you to pet them immediately.

    11. They're extremely vicious creatures. Just look at the way they look at you.

    12. They don't care about us. In fact, they actually hate us.

    13. They're so frightening that they scare the other dogs off.

    14. They live purely to intimidate everyone around them.

    15. Just look at it! Soooooooooooo scary.

    16. All in all, please run to safety when you see them from a distance. They might attack you with kisses.