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    18 Reasons Why Mindy Kaling Is Actually The Best

    We love you, Queen Mindy.

    1. She's a whole mood:

    I love my job but sometimes I just want to be assembling components of a charcuterie board

    2. She passes on wisdom that was passed onto her:

    3. She gives great advice on dating and heartbreak:

    Remember that the horribleness you feel now will one day make you roll your eyes. Good luck, friend

    4. Like this one:

    Rather be none of his girls than one of his girls

    5. Or this one:

    Love means never having to say "hey, are we dating?"

    6. She calls out people who deserve to be called out:

    7. You tell em', girl:

    People ask where Mindy's baby is when I'm on a dating story. He's off playing w/the children on male-driven comedies no one ever asks about.

    8. She has written amazing, thought provoking books:

    9. She's such a supportive, amazing friend:

    10. Who isn't afraid to call them out:

    I watch every movie my friends recommend to me and none of them watch my recommendations this is massive subtweet u know who u r

    11. Unlike some people, she always gives artists credit when she reposts their work:

    100% #Werk (regram @relatabledoodle)

    12. She has always been a great role model and taught women to love their bodies:

    13. She is relatable as heck:

    14. She isn't afraid to say whatever the heck she wants:

    When I wear those trendy sports bras with a million straps I get stuck in them like a seagull in a six pack ring

    15. We're looking at you, oatmeal lovers:

    Hey I had oatmeal for breakfast today like everyone's always telling me to, and guess what, it sucked

    16. She's basically all of us rolled into one person:

    No Cookie Monster, it doesn't, but I get why you think that. By that logic I would be made of sour patch kids.

    17. She reminds us to make time for our loved ones:

    Thankful for her. #HappyThanksgiving 💖 💖

    18. And finally, she's a kind soul who deserves nothing but the best in life:

    Hey lady. I truly wish I could come chill with you while you go through this. I would love to send you some fun distraction materials. I will have someone get in touch with you about it. Best of luck from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️