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The Best Tweets Of 2018 Regarding Being Lactose Intolerant

"Nobody has bigger “y’all hear sumn?” energy than lactose intolerant people who continue to eat dairy"


📍lactose intolerant people | | | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | 📍going dairy free _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _| | | | 📍eating dairy anyway and getting sick on a daily basis


Lactose intolerant people when they get stomach pain and diarrhoea after eating mozzarella stuffed crust pizza with extra cheese, drinking 2 or 3 milkshakes, and topping it all off with ice cream.


I went on a date last night and I made a dumb joke so my date laughs and calls me cheesy and I go “I prefer the term corny I’m lactose intolerant” and I think I’ve pinpointed the reason for why I’m single


[Being Tortured] Thug: *lights blowtorch* you know what this is for? Me: Is it... Is it for creme brulee Thug: *making creme brulee* I heard you were lactose intolerant


Lactose intolerant people whenever something has dairy in it.


@NlKESACE When have you seen someone with lactose intolerance not consume dairy??? It's like a game to us


EVERY lactose intolerant person I know, lmao y’all never care about yourselves


As a lactose intolerant person I want y’all to know if you see me eating anything that is related to milk, mind your fucking business


People who are allergic to peanuts: I can’t, it’ll kill me People who are allergic to gluten: I can’t, it’ll wreck my body People who are lactose intolerant: Humans cannot achieve immortality anyway and life not lived to the fullest is no life at all, hand me a gallon of milk



At some point I'm going to have to stop being stubborn and accept that I'm lactose intolerant.


yes I’m lactose intolerant. yes I drink non-dairy milk instead of cow milk. yes I constantly eat regular cheese and ice cream with zero disregard for the consequences. we exist.


nobody has bigger “y’all hear sumn?” energy than lactose intolerant people who continue to eat dairy


You: Someone who’s lactose intolerant:


lactose intolerant people who still *willingly* eat dairy know how to fight


This is why I finally stopped eating ice cream. I'm lactose intolerant. I got it now, Lord.