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If You're Having A Bad Day, Follow These Instagram 15 Poets

For when you just want to feel a little better.

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1. Roj Suren (@unspoken_writing)

Suren is one of those bittersweet poets who writes about going through hard times and feeling alone, but with a positive twist to it. With each poem, the tree grows a little, which is an absolutely beautiful addition.

2. Rupi Kaur (@rupikaur_)

Instagram: @rupikaur_

When it comes to the world of poems, Rupi Kaur is a pro. She is the author of the extremely popular book, Milk and Honey. She often writes about body positivity and female empowerment, which will make your day a little better.

3. Jon Lupin (@the_poetrybandit)

Lupin writes cute little poems about feeling loved and appreciating yourself. It's the perfect account to kickstart your day with a confidence boost.

4. Anjum Choudhary (@theanjumchoudhary)

Instagram: @theanjumchoudhary

Anjum may write about heartbreak but she also writes poems, that make us understand that it's okay not to be okay sometimes.

5. Alexandra Elle (@alex_elle)

As her instagram bios states, Alex is a strong advocate of self-care and self-love. Follow her for your weekly dose of poems that'll hit you right in the feels... In a good way.

6. Nayyirah Waheed (@nayyirah.waheed)

A lot of Nayyirah's work focuses on remembering to take time to love yourself, so this is perfect if you need a daily reminder to keep up the good work.

7. R. M. Drake (@rmdrk)

Instagram: @rmdrk

R. M. Drake's poems are so rewarding to read, especially when you feel lost or alone. His work has been shared by many celebrities, including the Kardashians and Jenners.

8. Natalie Jeanty (@poeticspill)

Jeanty just knows the right words to write to give you that uplifting feeling on a bad day.

9. Pavana (@mazadohta)

Pavana's work is the perfect combination of bittersweet and beautiful. She doesn't sugarcoat things, but she has a way of making you feel better about yourself.

10. Nikita Gill (@nikita_gill)

Instagram: @nikita_gill

Gill's wise words are perfect for anyone who just needs to hear things as they are.

11. Tyler Knott Gregson (@tylerknott)

Instagram: @tylerknott

Some of Knott's work focuses on the little things that we often take for granted.

12. Cleo Wade (@cleowade)

Instagram: @cleowade

Cleo, author of Heart Talk , is one of the best people to follow when you need that extra motivation to kickstart your day with positivity.

13. Rudy Francisco (@rudyfrancisco)

The poems by Francisco will make you feel both vulnerable and strong at the same time.

14. Lang Leav (@langleav)

Whilst reading about positivity is good for the soul, sometimes you need to cry it all out in order to feel better. This is exactly what Leav's poems will do for you.

15. Alison A. Malee (@alison.malee)

Malee's poems are not only short and powerful, they're also very aesthetically pleasing. So if you'd like someone to freshen up your feed and day, be sure to give Malee a follow!