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    17 Heartwarming Stories About Adopting Rescue Dogs That'll Make You Cry Happy Tears

    I'm not crying, you are.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how adopting a rescue dog changed their life for the better. Here are some of their cute responses!

    1. This good girl who saved her human's life:

    I got Tapestry when I was going through many changes in my life (something I don’t deal well with). She was my emotional support animal. I was having a really hard time adjusting and didn’t have the right medications. I was a depressed mess and suicidal.

    She saved my life twice. Because of her, I’m alive today. Unfortunately, I had to surrender her because she wasn’t suitable for an apartment, but I still visit her. She’s my best friend. I truly believe that without her, I wouldn’t be here right now. —sydneyf4bb8dbef9

    2. This good girl who is perfect for her human:

    This is my dog, Bella. Back in 2009, I adopted her when she was 2-years-old. In the early days, we both had one hell of a rough time. She settled in and begun to show the damage left behind by her previous home. At that same time, I had just recently come out of a dark time in my life (clinical depression). At one point I started second guessing myself, that I was in over my head with her and that perhaps I shouldn't have adopted her.

    But those thoughts of giving up would stop every time she'd greet me so ridiculously happily even if that day's training and socialisation was tough on her. She was always happy with me no matter what.

    She's now 11-years-old and I can honestly say having her in my life is the best damn thing. With a lot of love and commitment, I was able to help her get over some of her issues. She may not be perfect by other people's standards, but she's truly more than perfect enough for me. She taught me how to be responsible, how to be patient and never give up no matter how difficult things can get. She also taught me how to forgive, and how to love unconditionally. —caaclarke91

    3. This good boy who acts as a crying pillow and brings so much joy to his human:

    He's the best friend anyone could ask for. He sits in my lap after hard days, lets me cry in his fur when I need to, and brings so much more light into my life. I adopted him when he was four months old and we are in our eighth year together. —courtneyp49cdf6ec7

    4. This good girl who helps her human with anxiety and nerves:

    This is my girl, Trixie. I rescued her a year and a half ago from a local shelter. She was transported to here from five hours away from where animal control had removed her and another dog from an abusive situation. The other dog she came in with had already been adopted and Trixie spent over four months at the shelter.

    She was so nervous of everyone and it took me about a year to help her start trusting people again. She still doesn’t love men, but she doesn’t wet herself every time she sees someone now – I count that as a win in my book. She knows she's beyond loved and I literally don’t know what I’d do without her. She helps my anxiety and nerves like nothing else can. She’s my best friend. —hannahb40835bc94

    5. This good boy who licks his human's tears away:

    This is Coco. For the past year, I’ve been struggling with depression and the news of my mom’s cancer. Coco is always there for me whenever I start crying, he gets closer to me and licks my tears away. I don’t know if it’s because he likes the taste of it or if he just loves me and wants to console me but it does make me feel better. —susanaz

    6. This good girl who helps keep her human fit:

    When I moved to a different country I went on a date with a guy cause I had seen pictures of his dog and honestly, all I wanted to do was pet them. I found out she was a rescue and he was thinking about bringing her back to the pound cause she was a lot of trouble, she escaped constantly, peed everywhere, ruined many expensive things, barked, and whined all night. Not a puppy, btw, a 5-year-old dog. I convinced him to keep her and after a couple of months, we moved in together so I started spending a lot more time with the dog.

    Two years later the guy and I are married and our beautiful dog is now super happy, she doesn’t do any of the ‘bad’ things she used to do. It took a lot of love and effort, but she’s the best thing ever and she helps me so much with being away from home. Also, keeping her healthy and happy means walking her twice a day by the river, which has done wonders for my health and happiness too. —andreaf44a9276cf

    7. This good boy who healed his human more than he realises:

    My dog Maverick came into my life after I tragically lost my late dog Gunner. I had moved out to AZ for a new job opportunity and Gunner came with me. I was alone and away from family, so Gunner was my rock. One night he got loose and was hit by a car. I was devastated, very depressed, and I had no one to lean on. I did not plan on getting another dog right away but Maverick found me. He did not replace Gunner but he healed me heal in ways he will never understand and he is still by my side. I am grateful we found each other. —emwilson27

    8. This good boy who helped his human who was going through a tough time:

    I had really wanted a dog for a long time, and as soon as I saw the picture of Max in an email saying our local shelter was having an adoption event, I told my boyfriend we had to go get him. He was a rescue and he needed a lot of love and time, but about a week after we got him, we found out that my mom was dying.

    I had a complete breakdown. I had to take several months off work and basically just stopped functioning. Max learned when I was close to a panic attack and he would run over and lick my face until I started laughing instead of crying. Getting up to take him for walks kept me from staying on the couch all day. A lot of the people in my life were really wonderful through that period, but I don't know if I would have made it without Max. —emmas41e294448

    9. This good boy who is training to be his human's service dog:

    The shelter told us we didn't want this dog. That he was starving, food aggressive, dog aggressive, and that we would just end up bringing him back to the shelter. A little over a year later, Morro is in training to be my service dog to help me deal with my PTSD. He is always so happy, well behaved, and has absolutely brought sunshine to my life. —sarahbaileyg

    10. This good girl who brought so much joy to her human's life:

    When I saw Gretchen (she was Ladybug at that point) on the adoption listing, I knew I needed to meet her. The rescue told me that she was an adult dog, likely around 7-years-old, but none of them could really tell me what her background was. The owner of the rescue insisted that she was from a loving home that couldn't care for her any longer, but another worker indicated that she came from a hoarding house. She was shaking in my arms, but I was determined to give her the home she deserved.

    In the first weeks, we realized that she did not know what a leash was, did not seems to know what grass was, was not spayed, and was not potty trained. It was becoming clear that the hoarding house was much closer to the truth. During that time, she followed me everywhere and refused to leave my side. She curled up between my legs and cried when I left the house or closed the shower curtain.

    Almost 3 years later and she is a completely different dog. She runs around, plays with her toys and her friends, is good on a leash, and is a star around the neighborhood. She has brought so much joy to my life and I don't know where I would be without her. I can't be 100% sure how she feels, but I hope she feels the same (even if I make her wear cute sweaters and sit in a basket). —jaimiehoffmanb

    11. The good doggos who love their family so much:

    We adopted Saffy Sausage a month after buying our house. All we knew about her background was that both her previous owners had died and she'd been at the rescue centre for 7 months. I remember her sat at the side of the cage, head down, and looking a bit sad. When we popped in and asked to see her, they were quite surprised as she was ridiculously shy and wouldn't really interact with anyone.

    She came into an 'introductions' room with her handler and was just wandering around sniffing. I'd knelt down and she sniffed me, ran back to her handler for treats, and then ran back over to me to give kisses all while wagging her tail like it's no-one's business.

    From that moment on, she's been a firm part of the family and we've been hers for longer than we haven't. We then introduced Betty Boo from another rescue centre 9 months later. She's been more of a problem case as her previous owners had abused and neglected her, also subjecting her to 3 litters of puppies before she turned 3. They're both ridiculously cuddly, affectionate, loyal and we can't imagine life without them. —lizzieee6969

    12. This good girl who inspired her human to help more dogs like her:

    After losing two very important people, we adopted our girl after her previous family thought she was too much. Turns out she’s just the perfect amount of crazy for us and she brightens every day! With her, I started climbing fells and now I’m working to become a dog trainer and teamed up with a local rescue to help even more special dogs just like her! —gemmap4ba9e0546

    13. This good boy who's there for his human when they're having depressive/anxious episodes:

    This is our rescue, Theo! (Full name Theodore Theoloneous Hammy because I'm ridiculous). He's a 100lb Staffordshire/Mastiff/Chow mix that was found wandering the streets of East Side Indianapolis, protecting a small French bulldog.

    He grounds me when I have depressive/anxious episodes, is a constant force of joy, and makes us laugh with his antics. On top of that, living in a more rural area, I have a sense of safety and security when I'm home alone or asleep, which helps my mental health. I couldn't imagine a better rescue for our small family than Theo. —sporadicaraine126

    14. These good boys who make their humans feel extremely loved:

    We rescued Diesel (pitbull) on Valentine’s Day. He had been through two different shelters and multiple fosters who thought they would adopt him. Everyone just kept returning him. Teaching him how to trust people gave me something to focus on when my husband was gone on missions with the Air Force.

    We adopted Scout (Catahoula) on Halloween. We adopted him so Diesel could have another dog to hopefully show him confidence. Two months later, my husband was deployed, and I was living 12 hours away from any family. It was the hardest time of my life and I definitely would not have gotten through it without my two boys. They show grace, love, and trust every day. They make my husband and I feel so loved. —awesometwin101

    15. This good boy who has been there for his human for key events of their life:

    My baby Oakley came into my life 8 years ago, during one of the hardest times of my life. He came from a puppy mill where he was abused and his mother was killed right after birth.

    He was there for my middle school graduation, my prom, my first day or high school, my first breakup, and soon enough he’ll be at my college graduation. We’ve made such a crazy bond over the comfort we’ve both been able to provide for each other and his gratitude for being rescued is visible every day. —sarabetht2

    16. This good boy who saved his human:

    After my husband left me for another woman shortly after our wedding I was alone for the first time in years and really felt it. I spent a year getting myself back together and found myself in a position to get a dog. I started walking rescued greyhounds at Makants Greyhound Rescue in the North West of England and fell in love with the breed.

    I was introduced to Biffo in the kennels, he had been there for 7 months with little chance of a home because he was big and boisterous. We were a perfect match.

    We walk every day and he jumps into my bed most nights for cuddles. I am no longer lonely and he has given me the confidence to talk to people. I have made some incredible friends through greyhound lovers groups and with other dog owners.

    I may have rescued him but he has definitely saved me. Love this big boy with all my heart. —jessw4e5ed5bfa

    17. And finally, this good boy who is the best thing that's happened to his human so far:

    I rescued Rolo nearly 4 years ago when he was just a year old. He is a staffy cross bull mastiff, and I was his third home. He had been in a puppy hoarding situation and suffered a lot of bad things. He is now almost 5 and is the most "spoilt by love" dog ever!

    I have PTSD and Rolo is honestly the best thing that has ever come into my life. He helps with my night terrors, he makes me feel safer, and he just knows when I need that extra cuddle. I'd rescue him over and over if I had to. We had to feed him up as he was less than 10kg when I first got him. Rolo now lives with me, and my parents' staffy, Mia. He has truly found his forever home and even has his own Instagram so people can keep up with his antics! @sir.rolley.polleys48210c19f

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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