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18 Times College Professors Proved To Be The Best Kind Of People

Prof: Thamks — sent from iPad.

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1. They're actually really chill and easy-going.

High school teachers: I'm MRS. HARDASS and you will take me SERIOUSLY College profs: what up I'm Josh and class is cancelled cuz I'm tired

2. And they don't have a filter, which is awesome.

High school teacher: "please excuse my language but *damn* I'm so tired today" College Prof: "sorry that I'm not a FUCKING DICK"

3. Seriously, they're a very honest bunch.

Stompedmn / Via

4. They make typos, which prove that they're just like us.

Every professor's "email etiquette": please kneel and bow your head, wait for the Herald to announce your email Subject, please provide plentiful Offerings to show your loyalty Me: *follows etiquette* Prof: Thamks — sent from iPad

5. They're very down to earth and friendly.

High school teacher: "Your professors won't tolerate you being on your phones." College professor: "Hey guys tweet me!"

6. They're always prepared for any situation.


7. Even though they're highly educated, they still make silly mistakes like us.

my professor just sent the class this? what does this mean???

8. They don't sugarcoat things.

@kade_walker / Via Twitter: @kade_walker

9. Sometimes, they'll move deadlines to give you more time to finish an assignment.

10. They're very understanding and treat you like adults.

teachers in hs: colleges will not accept late work so I will not accept late work me: *turns in late work w an apology* college professor:

11. They're absolute geniuses.

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12. They're also very open about their personal life.

high school teacher: you can't know anything about my life college prof: i have a drinking problem

13. They treat you like an equal and are very approachable.

14. Some even save you from failing the module.

Dalimkh / Via

15. They're not afraid to say things as they are.

i asked my professor about extra credit and i get this back 😂😂

16. Many of them have a great sense of humour.

TedyBearGumDrops / Via

17. Which means that they enjoy playing practical jokes like the next person.

TedBuckley / Via

18. But most important of all, they're a bunch of amazing, considerate people.

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