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    11 Parenting Comics That'll Make You Laugh Then Cry

    Poop, sweat, and tears.

    All comics by @beckybarnicomics on Instagram.

    1. Life's tough for parents. Before you even have the baby, you have the pregnancy to get through.

    2. And, honestly? Sometimes the idea of having a newborn is cuter than the reality.

    3. New mums have it toughest of all.

    4. There are A TON of weird hormones messing with your head.

    5. And your body doesn't just spring back into shape.

    6. In the early days, new parents rely heavily on the postal service.

    7. Because, if not in an existential sense, then in a practical sense – babies ruin everything.

    8. They will destroy everything you care about.

    9. And lay ruin to your dignity.

    10. And then there's the issue of sleep, that lovely thing you once enjoyed effortlessly night after night. That's on hold for now.

    11. So if you meet a new parent, show them compassion because they are doing their best and probably deserve some kind of low-key medal.