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    17 Times Cats Showed Their Owners That They Owned Them

    They're not kitten around.

    1. This cat who knows ~EGGSactly~ what he's doing:

    chaosgirl93 / Via

    2. This cat who definitely isn't the culprit:

    PurpleOttersz / Via

    3. This cat who couldn't care less about the wedding:

    GuyYeti / Via

    4. This cat who prioritises clean paws over clean floors:

    uralva / Via

    5. This cat who doesn't give a heck if you're trying to read:

    punderfulcats / Via

    6. This cat who doesn't care if you're trying to do your work:

    brokentelescope / Via

    7. This cat who didn't give a heck about damaging the blinds:

    Metwa / Via

    8. This cat who clearly doesn't care for meal times:

    Nurse_Ratched87 / Via

    9. This cat who doesn't believe in giving presents:

    hyperRed13 / Via

    10. This cat that will open your mail and not give a crap:

    steppedinhairball / Via

    11. This cat who literally doesn't care about your clothes:

    redhot_robot / Via

    12. This ~impawlite~ cat who stepped in butter because it can:

    Staufert / Via

    13. This cat who has decided that this is the only ~purrfect~ spot in the house:

    mon_moe / Via

    14. The only cat who gave a shit... but it was literal and in the rice cooker:

    JamesPryce / Via

    15. This cat who lives by it's own rules:

    OnlyInMyDreams73 / Via

    16. This cat that doesn't care if you fail your midterms, it just cares about pets:

    Bringypurbroom / Via

    17. And finally, this cat who literally gives off the "I ate the ham and what?" vibe:

    dapennsy92 / Via

    H/T: r/CatsAreAssholes

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