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17 Times People Didn't Understand The Concept Of Paying For A Service

Yes, people like this actually exist.

1. This person who wanted someone to give them their password so that they could play for free:

cerebralspinaldruid / Via

2. This person who wanted to buy a TV for much cheaper than the asking price:

XXXodiac / Via

3. This person who wanted a wider range of FREE beers:

DamnitDogan / Via

4. This person who'll only meet up if someone agrees to buy them Korean BBQ:

plaid-knight / Via

5. This person who wanted a free play place with ~very~ specific requirements:

givingadvice / Via

6. This person who wanted to "borrow" money from a "friend" (except it's not borrowing):

danielmarkwright / Via

7. This person who wanted to pay way less than the asking price and then demanded that the seller bring it to them:

artlanta / Via

8. This person who wanted a free Apple Watch, because apparently making a living through selling is "greedy":

DMG41 / Via

9. This person who received a nice gift from their boyfriend but wants more:

fu7ion / Via

10. This person who pretty much wanted this ~exact~ play kitchen, in mint condition, for free:

watugoat / Via

11. This person who asked for a price reduction and then had the audacity to call the seller "cheap":

JiggleSmiggle / Via

12. This person who expected their guests to buy them a gift worth over $250 for the wedding:

XxxP1X3L_D3L74xxX / Via

13. This person who wanted to have their cake and eat it too:

funko28 / Via

14. This person who felt like they should be driven around, no matter what the other person was doing:

TheRealAvid / Via

15. This person who wanted to borrow money from someone they met the day before:

T0pTiggrr / Via

16. This person who didn't want to pay a £10 delivery fee for a free bike:

MasterH7244 / Via

17. And finally, this person who tried getting a tablet worth $120 on a gift swap with a spending limit of $50:

(no username available) / Via

H/T: /r/ChoosingBeggars

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