19 Struggles That'll Make Artists Say, "Ouch, Too Real"

    "I'm very proud of this drawing." *1 min later* "I hate it."

    1. You constantly switch between positive and negative outlooks.

    2. Here's an example of exactly that:

    3. You can't draw when people are watching you, yet they insist on watching every pen stroke you make.

    4. Your perfectionist tendencies force you to spend extra time and care even if you're just drawing a line.

    5. It doesn't matter if you're in public, you always end up looking like this when you concentrate on a drawing:

    6. People naturally assume that you're always drawing something #deep.

    7. And although you hate doing this, sometimes you succumb to drawing the latest memes in your style because it's easy content.

    8. There are times where you feel intimidated by people who are in more corporate jobs.

    9. For some reason, people just assume that you'll draw them for free.

    10. Ideas... well, they come to you when they come to you.

    11. When you do think of a great idea, it's usually when you're tucked in bed, ready to fall asleep.

    12. But when you decide to act on those ideas at 3 AM, you end up falling asleep mid drawing so you can't win either way.

    13. Hands. Do I really need to elaborate?

    14. The line between drawing for fun and drawing for your livelihood is extremely thin.

    15. Sometimes people walk in on you drawing something that you can't quite explain even if you wanted to.

    16. When you draw, you draw it all in one sitting, which leaves you little time for sleep.

    17. Literally everyone in your life buys you either sketchbooks or other art supplies for Christmas.

    18. As strong as you are, there are times where you just feel like ditching art forever.

    19. And finally, this is basically all your art emotions rolled into one picture.