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    19 Pictures That'll Make You Say, "Thanks, I Hate It"

    One ticket to Nopesville please.

    1. This picture of someone just standing on a roof, alone, at night:

    2. This pretty creepy inside-out sock:

    3. This low-key scary looking kangaroo:

    4. This bathroom filled with creepy crawlies:

    5. This picture that looks fine until you see a someone pulling a scary face:

    6. This family photo that features an eerie figure at the window:

    7. This broken doll's face:

    8. This creepy polaroid picture:

    9. This basement entrance which is right next to the bathroom:

    10. The thought of someone standing there, staring through the peephole:

    11. These creepy footprints, first thing in the morning:

    12. This Facebook camera filter on a cat:

    13. This kid who thought this was normal:

    14. This eerie discovery of a random building in the woods:

    15. This dog that kinda' has human-like eyes:

    16. This picture of this brooding bird:

    17. This cat which seems like it doesn't want to move anytime soon:

    18. This sand imprint that looks like the entrance to hell:

    19. And finally, this custom doll that changed eye colours:

    H/T: r/creepy