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    21 Tumblr Posts About "The Sims" That'll Make You Laugh Until You Cry

    "Choo wagga choo choo!"

    1. You've probably thought about this more than once in your life.

    we're all just sims and the person controlling my sim clearly has no idea what the fuck they're doing

    2. It was so excruciatingly relatable at times that you just had to laugh it off.

    3. You could even relate to the Grim Reaper.

    4. It was so unrelatable-y relatable it hurt.

    Big mood tbh.

    5. This is something that you understand on a ~personal level~.

    have u ever physically felt the sims negative interaction sign pop up after a conversation

    6. You spent ages downloading custom content, which you didn't even use.

    7. Speaking of which, 50% of "playing" The Sims consisted of downloading said custom content.

    8. Tell me that this isn't accurate. Go on, I dare you.

    9. This literally made your heart beat faster in fear.

    10. It helped you realise that you weren't going to be an interior designer anytime soon.

    11. This is proof.

    12. Some of the services wasted your time and money.

    13. And these out of character moments made sims so worth it.

    14. You once thought "woohoo" was something innocent.

    15. And when you wanted to see what "woohoo" actually looked like, you were filled with instant regret.

    16. You often used "moveObjects on" to create funny situations.

    17. It goes without saying that you did some questionable things on there.

    18. Remember when this happened when you failed to recycle the newspaper?

    19. And when the original Sims fucked with your head when used to get those prank calls?

    20. You've always defended playing "The Sims" whenever someone talked shit about it.

    21. And finally, you know exactly what this person is talking about.

    You're probably have a strong urge to play it rn.

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