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    14 Romance Anime For Hopeless Romantics To Dive Into

    Here's to all the hopeless romantics.

    1. Fruits Basket

    Studio Deen

    Additional genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo

    Plot: Tohru Honda is an orphan who shockingly finds out that twelve members of the Sohma family are possessed by the Chinese zodiac family. Interestingly, these members are cursed so they transform into their designated animal forms when they are weak or, when embraced by anyone belonging to the opposite gender who is not possessed by a zodiacal spirit.

    Review: "At first glance Furuba is just another Shoujo manga with nothing different to it; the average, beautiful, kind girl getting all the pretty boys. Okay so it really is that, however there's a special touch to the way the series develops itself and how you watch each character grow and interact with each other as the story progresses."ColdBeans

    Watch at: Netflix

    2. Hanasaku Iroha (Blossoms for Tomorrow)

    P.A. Works

    Additional genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama

    Plot: The story follows Ohana Mastumae, who works at her grandmother’s inn – Kissuisō – and finds herself getting into conflict with both the customers and employees very often. Although she initially feels demotivated, she reaches the conclusion that this is the perfect chance for her to better herself and make new memories.

    Review: "Out of all the slice of life's I've seen I have to say this is one of the best, and it's an all time favorite of mine. It's a pretty relaxing anime to watch, and it is definitely one of those anime that is going to leave a empty hole in your heart once you finish it, because it's just that amazing."Shinichi-Kun

    Watch at: Crunchyroll

    3. Toradora!

    J.C. Staff

    Additional genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, School

    Plot: Although he looks mean, Ryuji Takasu is actually a nice person. He soon meets Taiga Aisaka who, as opposed to him, has a small stature. They both develop feelings for a friend who is close to the other, and so reluctantly agree to help each other but they quickly find themselves falling for each other instead.

    Review: “When you think of a romance, comedy, school life/slice of life, you think about an anime with two (or more) lovers as they go through thick and thin together. That certainly does not fit the description of Toradora!. In fact, I don't think anything is able to describe just how funny, touching, deep, and serious Toradora! is.”gdavge2003

    Watch at: Crunchyroll

    4. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)

    Brain's Base

    Additional genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, School, Shoujo

    Plot: Shizuku Mizutani doesn’t care much for her classmates and places all her focus on her grades. However, she soon meets Haru Yoshida – a troublemaker who doesn’t turn up to class. They both can’t seem to understand human nature and have no friends. Shizuku is taken aback when Haru tells her that he wants to be her friend and confesses that he likes her. Throughout this anime, Shizuku and Haru delve into the true nature of their relationship and emotions.

    Review: "I would really recommend this anime, but if you want to see the story all the way through then read the manga. Personally I like the manga more, but this is a very funny and overall enjoyable anime. It's got a lot of romance if you someone who's into that."Chiaki__Nanami

    Watch at: Crunchyroll

    5. Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

    J.C. Staff

    Additional genres: Comedy, School, Shoujo

    Plot: Misaki Ayuzawa, who absolutely hates boys, was just appointed the first female student council president at her school. She is seen as nothing but powerful by her peers but she has a secret. After school, she works at a maid café as a maid. Heartbreaker Takumi Usui soon finds out her secret and jokingly threatens to spill her secret to their classmates. Through this anime you can see the relationship deepen between the two main characters.

    Review: "If you're looking for a sweet/romantic/comedy/school anime to make you feel all happy and warm fuzzy inside then you'll probably like Maid-sama. Seriously, this anime is awesome! It's so funny and so sweet! Its very heart warming.TITANFALL2022

    Watch at: Hulu

    6. Special A

    AIC / Gonzo

    Additional genres: Comedy, School, Shoujo

    Plot: Hikari Hanazono has always been living in Kei Takishima’s shadows. They first met through their pro-wrestling loving dads, at the age of six. Ever since Kei beat her at wrestling when they were younger, she swore that she would win against him in everything. Kei is currently better than her at everything and because of this, she sees him as a rival but Kei thinks otherwise. She is unaware that he harbors strong feelings towards her.

    Review: "To me, it was just the greatest anime I have watched so far. Its romantic & kind of prince like. I loved this anime, it was so interesting how the story was abnormal, but at the same time it was normal too. It just makes you want to keep watching and watching until your already done! [that happened to me obviously]."Lambs

    Watch at: Hulu

    7. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun)

    Doga Kobo

    Additional genres: Comedy, School

    Plot: Chiyo Sakura has a big crush on her schoolmate Nozaki. When she tries to confess her feelings to him, he mistakes her to be a fan of his manga and gives her his autograph. He asks her if she’d like to be his assistant and she agrees as she sees this as an opportunity to grow closer to him. They work together on his manga and sure enough, they grow closer!

    Review: "I love it! It is deep, humorous and memorable rolled into one but given this observations, the anime was able show it in a light and demure view point."Jopageri

    Watch at: Crunchyroll

    8. Nodame Cantabile

    J.C. Staff

    Additional genres: Music, Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Josei

    Plot: Shinichi Chaki is a top musician who aspires to play amongst the most renowned in Europe. The only obstacle stopping him from travelling to Europe is his fear of flying. Shinichi comes across Megumi Noda, a girl at his university, during his fourth year. Despite appearing to have no ambition in her life, he soons realises how well she can play the piano. Soon Megumi begins falling in deep love with Shinichi.

    Review: "Personally, I think Nodame Cantabile is in a league by itself when it comes to chemistry between characters."lowell

    9. Kimi ni Todoke

    Production I.G.

    Additional genres: Slice of Life, Drama, School, Shoujo

    Plot: Kuronuma Sawako’s classmates do not understand her. Despite being sweet and shy, she is often mistakenly accused of behaving maliciously and creepily. Due to her desire to create friendships and live normally, she finds herself being drawn towards Kazehaya Shouta, who is the most popular student in class. Sawako admires him due to his “refreshing” personality. When Kazehaya begins talking to her, she gets the friendship that she has always desired, and some romance.

    Review: "How do you recognize that you’ve watched a great show? Do you wake up the next morning and think about it the whole day? Do you talk to people full enthusiasm and passion about the show? Or did you just get that feeling that makes your heart ache and feel all good and warm inside? Kimi ni Todoke manages to do all this."Reksho

    Watch at: Crunchyroll

    10. Lovely Complex

    Toei Animation

    Additional genres: Comedy, Shoujo

    Plot: Koizumi Risa and Ootani Atsushi are both focused on finding a partner in high school. The only issue is that Koizumi is taller than the average height and Ootani is shorter than the average. To add to their pain, their crushes end up falling for one another, which results in Koizumi and Ootani being heartbroken. Lovely Complex follows the journey of Koizumi and Ootani as they encourage one another to find the love of their life and to become close friends.

    Review: "It was cute, insightful, hilarious and endearing. It was my most anticipated episode every week. I always wanted more. I want more now even though I know it's over!"lowell

    11. Itazura na Kiss

    TMS Entertainment

    Additional genres: Comedy, Shoujo

    Plot: After her home is destroyed by an earthquake, low-achieving Kotoko Aihara is obliged to share a roof with the smartest student at her school - Naoki Irie. Irie is already aware of who Kotoko is – this is due to a love letter she had tried to give to him in the past which, in his eyes, “had already sealed her fate”. However Kotoko is now optimistic, since they reside at the same place.

    Review: "I wasn't expecting anything good from this one but I was wrong, instead this anime turned to out to be one of my favourites of this genre: it has a pretty decent story complemented with rich characters and a very funny overall development."vault2049

    Watch at: Hulu

    12. Your Lie in April

    A - 1 Pictures

    Additional genres: Drama, Music, School, Shounen

    Plot: After his mother’s passing, talented pianist, Kousei struggles to hear the sound of his own piano. However, he soon discovers the violinist, Kaori Miyazano, who turns his world upside down and pushes him to give music one more try.

    Review: "This particular fantasy, holds beautiful fragments in the form of music, faces, dialogue, emotions, struggles, imagery and sensations all bursting with color. They materialize inside you as valuable lessons that will forever be engraved in your mind."loopuleasa

    Watch at: Netflix, Hulu

    13. 5 Centimeters Per Second (Movie)

    CoMix Wave Films

    Additional genres: Drama, Slice of Life

    Plot: Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara, who are two close friends and schoolmates, are separated when Akari’s family moves to another region in Japan. Despite this, they continue to keep in contact via mail. This heart-wrenching anime shows how the distance between them increases and they are kept wondering if they’ll ever get the chance to meet once again.

    Review: "The breathtaking animation, the strong and enthralling plot, just the very essence of 5 Centimeters per Second has left me glued to my seat. The movie itself tugged my heartstrings to a point where I was dangerously close to tears at the very end."SilentMuse

    Watch at: Crunchyroll

    14. Your Name (Movie)

    CoMix Wave Films

    Additional genres: Supernatural, Drama, School

    Plot: Mitsuha yearns to live as a boy in Tokyo, the opposite to her current life in the countryside. In contrast to this, Taki lives in the city and leads a busy life that Mitsuha dreams of. One day, they switch bodies. They start searching for each other and end up developing strong feelings for one another.

    Review: "The animation is on point, and the dialogues are beautiful. There certainly are touching moments in the anime, which even managed to move a person like me."Sonal1988

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