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Valentina Hasan (remember Ken Lee?) Is The All-Time Queen Of YouTube

In 2008, Valentina Hasan took the world by storm with her hilarious, unintelligible rendition of Ken Lee (AKA "Without You," by Mariah Carey). Here's why her reign as the Queen of YouTube needs to be reinstated...forever.

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Her comedic timing is impeccable.

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Rare is the comedienne who can nail a line like she does.

She's basically created her own language.

Ask anyone what "tulibu dibu douchoo" means and they'll know. / Via

Ask anyone what "tulibu dibu douchoo" means and they'll know.

She never doubts herself, not even for a moment.


Remember when Valentina introduced her audition song and one of the judges politely responded with, "Don't you mean, Without You?"

Her answer?


Mariah Carey even gave her a shout out.

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And best of all, according to an interview she gave in Spain, the whole thing was a big ol' joke.

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Well played, Valentina. Well played.

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