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8 Traits That Candy Crush Addicts Have In Common

Play at your own risk.

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1. Every time you close your eyes, you see a screenshot of the latest Candy Crush level you're stuck on. / Via

"Get it out!"

2. Your fingertips have lost sensation due to excess screen tapping.

3. The first thing you do every day is check to see if your friends have unlocked you.

4. And if they haven't, you start texting them like crazy to get to it... like, NOW.

5. Yet, you see no problem playing in the middle of a real, live conversation with said friends.

6. And you've spent WAY too much money on lives/unlocking/color bombs.

7. What keeps you going is the orgasmic sense of relief every time you pass a level.

8. But of all the addictions out there, you know there are others that are way worse.


9. Because, let's face it -- at least you're not watching reality TV.


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