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    • chuckvandes

      The guy that all of you folks want to speak to is the #1 specialist in the world on bats, “Merlin Tuttle”. He runs BCI aka “Bats Conservationist International” which is located in Austin, Texas. It’s located at “”. Thanks to him and his staff, their information was helpful in assisting me in rehabbing several pups over the years. Did you know that to hydrate a pup, give it an eyedropper with a 50/50 mix of Half and Half Creamer and Gatorade. And when their ready to start eating, meal worms from your local pet store or bait shop. That less than 1/10th of 1% are rabid. My son and I once built a display that once he showed it, we didn’t get it back the rest of the school year. The display traveled to all of the schools in our county without being destroyed.

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