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    • chuckm24

      I am going to get really disgusting here because it is probably the only language that disgusting people will understand, especially American youth of this day who are the most stupidest assholes I’ve ever encountered in my long life. Let me give you a little lesson in anatomy. You know what a hand is. A hand that has 5 fingers. This hand and 5 fingers do many dexterious functionsas, I don’t believe it’s necessary to explain them but I’m not too sure about that either. Now let’s go directly to the ass hole, ass holes. The asshole is designed as a one-way streetit was not made for the insertion of another man’s cock. What it is made for is to expel what you people are, and make no mistakes about it. That’s exactly what you are, full of it. You do not have to be a rocket scientist nor did anyone down to the ages have to go to school to figure out what a man’s penis and what girls vagina is for, even the lowest form of animal understood that so I don’t know what that makes today’s youth. A brain I know most young do not have yet as it takes time to develop smarts and good sense. Thus I quote children should be seen and not heard because what comes out of the mouth of the young serves to give proof of their stupidity. Or could it be that more fruits are being born these days because of the poor quality of our food and air are what have you?? Today’s youth. If you could look at a man screwing another man and not get nauseous then you are one of them. Now I wish homosexuals no harm because they not cannot help what they are, but shut the fuck up about it and stop trying to convince people that your normal and everybody who is isn’t everything will be just fine. At any rate, young assholes you do not belong in a Christian school. If you don’t follow Christian, documents, or whatever. So my advice to you is keep your tongue still until you have been in the world long enough to learn and gain experience of life before you start wagging it.

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