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    17 comics that totally nail what it's like being a millennial woman

    World needs to accept that we, women don’t wake up to a perfect hairdo, we are shopaholics, but more than clothes, we shop for food. We love not shaving our legs for days and lying without pants on the sofa watching TV. We binge watch, we let lose and we (shhh…) hate bras. If you are half raising your hand already to make a point, you need to see these spot-on illustrations by Chrostin. They are as real as life could get.

    1. Men literally trying to sand your face off.

    2. Bey is confidence steroids.

    3. Must be the stress sleepies kicking in!

    4. Also the stress sweats...

    5. Any day in matching underwear is day for the taking.

    6. And what a special spud I am!

    7. Thank you, every beauty tutorial ever, for absolutely nothing.

    8. Just being honest here.

    9. The one slice is a snack for later.


    11. My phone secretly hates me and the feeling is mutual.

    12. Guest of honor: me.

    13. The password to breaking my cold, hard exterior is "Susan Boyle."

    14. I came to fight.


    16. That burger though.....

    18. Forever alone.