This Man Cooked A Whole Ass Meal In An Airplane Bathroom, "Ingredient Only" Households, And More Internet Trends

    I need this man on the no fly list, ASAP.

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    I'm sorry to start off with something so vile, but it must be discussed. A guy cooked shrimp and mashed potatoes in an airplane bathroom and the internet — and myself — are disgusted.


    With 2 6v batteries wired in series to an immersion beverage heater, one is able to get water scalding hot quickly. Raw shrimp will only need a few minutes. Adding instant mash to the shrimp water adds some extra flavor. Garlic butter makes everything go better. #terribleideawhattime #shrimp #garlicshrimp #mashedpotatoes #flying #bathroomchef #howtocookproperly #barfly7777 #innovation #privatechef #newidea #hack #Splice

    ♬ FUCK IT - xryce

    The video made its way to Twitter, where people are simply flabbergasted. I mean, make it make sense!

    Cooking shrimp in a dirty public sink, but I can’t get through TSA with a bottled water???

    — Bri ✨ (@storymodebae) December 8, 2023
    Twitter: @storymodebae

    In less gross food news, people who come from "ingredient-only" households are complaining on TikTok and I personally feel seen.


    #ingredientsmum sorry penny ur meals are da bomb 🔥🔥

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    Basically, these are houses full of ingredients — and lots and lots of condiments — but not enough to cook an actual meal.

    I mean, at least you can whip up...whatever this is?

    But someone who probably can't partake in microwave nachos is internet personality Tana Mongeau, whose veneer comically popped off in the middle of a sentence in a now-viral TikTok.


    Meanwhile on Twitter, a viral tweet about Beauty and the Beast started a convo about thirsting after the Beast pre-transformation and, uh, it's kind of relatable.

    Personally, Belle was not fooling me or anyone. When the Beast changed into a human, I saw that look on her face. That was DISAPPOINTMENT.

    — bobbi hosts ✨The Afternoon Special✨ (@hiimbobbi) December 10, 2023
    Twitter: @hiimbobbi

    Someone graciously shared the entire clip, and based on the likes and quote tweets, people feel some type of way about this topic.

    y’all… she was not fw him 😭😭

    — akos is real tired 🚬🚬 (@EARTH0AKOSUA) December 10, 2023
    Twitter: @EARTH0AKOSUA

    Now for a palate cleanser! We rounded up some enjoyable things from around the internet to make you smile.

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    LOL: At people's predictions for where Travis Kelce is taking Taylor Swift for her birthday.

    “Taylor I am taking you to All of Garden”

    — paige (@BonerWizard) December 10, 2023
    Twitter: @BonerWizard

    Relate: To this cat and its beloved Ben & Jerry's.


    @benandjerrys is just that good. 😼 #cats #angrycatsounds

    ♬ original sound - Priscilla

    Make: Ornaments out of tomato paste. For real.

    Keep: Saving, you'll get there...eventually.

    My goal was to save 10k by December. I’m at $12.67

    — oh ok. (@_itsashleyc_) December 11, 2023
    Twitter: @_itsashleyc_

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