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Trump Allocates $2.6 Billion To Start Wall On Mexican Border

President Donald Trump finds money to build the Great Wall, as he promised he would prior to being elected President of the United States Of America.

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Trump finds money to build the Great Wall

President Donald Trump's federal budget bill allocates a $2.6 billion package for the start of "planning, design and construction" of the controversial wall along the Mexican border, the White House said.

It also allocates funds of $314 million for hiring and training of 500 border agents and 1,000 immigration agents. Such personnel will have the task of strengthening the "integrity of the immigration system" as well as "identify and remove those who are already in the United States and have entered illegally."

Donald J. Trump arrives at White House

Chris Wick writer for Conspiracy Talk News / Via

President Donald J. Trump arrives at the White House on Sunday, March 5, 2017, in Washington - Image Chris Wick - Conspiracy Talk News

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