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'Orgasmos' Erotic Comedy About Life As A Couple

The behavior of man and woman from the creation of Adam and Eve to the present day centers around the Orgasmos plot, original comedy of Dan Israely that is being presented Thursdays in the Trail Theater, under the direction of Kevin Cass.

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Original version of Orgasmos (Orgasms) Review

"For more than an hour the audience does not stop laughing. As the plot is constantly changing twist there is no time for anyone to breathe, "said the director.

Cass confessed that although much has been written about couples relationships, this comedy has 'something' that sets it apart from the rest.

"I am often bored with the works that are spent criticizing the women or the macho men. But this is not so, because it strikes both sexes equally, without a joke more, "added Cass who argues that Orgasmos is the" perfect "text on human relations.

Among the issues addressed are the addiction to shopping for women, the parsimony of men when expressing their affections and lack of sexual appetite as a result of routine.

"We did not have to change a line. The situations are very well posed and the dialogues are so intelligent that they achieve the full identification of any type of public once the curtain goes up ", stressed the director, who is proud to have the approval of the author of the piece.

"Dan Israely knows all the versions of Orgasmos that appear in the world. When he was on the Trail, he said he thought he was seeing it for the first time, "said Cass.

The original version of Orgasmos (Orgasms) was released in 2006 at the theater Soho Playhouse, located in OFF-Broadway, where it remained six years in theaters.

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