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    24 Times We Wished Our Parents Said No To The Dress

    What were they thinking?!

    Dear Mom & Dad,

    We need to get something off our chests.

    Behind our smiling faces,

    ...rests our true feelings.

    Feelings about how your wardrobe choices...

    ...have impacted our early childhood.

    We know style trends come and go,

    ...but did you really think that THIS ensemble...

    ...was going to stand the test of time?

    We were born after 1980, right?

    Because THESE ruffles...

    ...and THIS sailor collar...

    ...make it seem like you were dressing us for a time before the 1880’s.

    BASIC outfits were the last of your intentions,

    ...but color schemes and pattern matching have their limits.

    At any point during the outfit selection,

    ...did you ask yourself “Would I wear this?”

    BUT we digress,

    ....after all this venting and looking back in retrospect...

    we actually wouldn't change a single outfit.

    As much as we can complain,

    ...we can always look back at these pictures and share a laugh.

    And, hey, all the #TBT likes, don't hurt either!

    Love, your forever stylish fashionistas.

    Ashley Baccam / BuzzFeed