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    Jul 29, 2014

    19 Sports Dads You See At Every Game

    Sports wouldn't be the same without you.

    1. The Coach Dad

    2. The Referee Attacking Dad

    3. The Trying to Get More Playing Time Dad

    4. The Non-stop Training Dad

    5. The Passionate Dad

    6. The Cheerleader Dad

    7. The "Knows Nothing About Sports" Dad

    8. The Sh*t Talking Dad

    9. The Over-The-Top Celebration Dad

    10. The "Will Make You Cry" Dad

    11. The "Makes Himself Cry" Dad

    12. The Awkward High Five Dad

    13. The Coaching From The Sidelines Dad

    14. The Play-By-Play Dad

    15. The Protective Dad

    16. The "I'm Here For You" Dad

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    17. The Nervous Dad

    18. The Custom T-Shirt Dad

    19. The Dancing Dad