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    20 Ways Bernard From Black Books Is Your Spirit Animal

    Because misanthropic, smoking, drinking, Irish men are who we all are really...

    20. You have your life totally together

    19. You're smoother than Bailey's

    18. You're deeply introspective

    17. Or maybe just happy with where you're at in life

    16. You're honest about your appearance

    15. And your life choices

    14. You're an expert at coping with a hangover

    13. You're a hard-worker and committed to your job

    12. You and your friends are innovative drinkers

    11. You celebrate the small victories

    10. This is how you look when you try to be an adult

    9. This is your motto

    8. You have a reasonable relationship with wine

    7. If you could do this, you would

    6. You have excellent manners

    5. You woke up like this: FLAWLESS

    4. You have healthy attitudes toward relationships

    3. You're realistic

    2. You may or may not drink too much and have this happen

    1. When all else fails you always have a good response