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What's Your Favorite Horror Movie Plot Twist?

Spoilers, obviously.

Everyone loves a good horror movie. They're fun, scary, and downright entertaining.

But you know what makes a horror movie even better? A plot twist you never saw coming.

Perhaps you're still shocked from that scene in Get Out, when you realized Rose, Chris's girlfriend, was in on her family's diabolical plan.

Maybe you got a kick out of The Uninvited when you found out Alex, Anna's sister, was dead the entire time and her presence was a figment of Anna's imagination.

Perhaps you still have a hard time processing The Others after realizing Grace and her family were the spirits haunting her house.

Or maybe you still can't wrap your head around the fact that none of the murders in April Fool's Day actually happened — it was all an act.

An unexpected plot twist can be the icing on the cake in a horror movie, so tell us: Which one is your favorite? Which moment in a horror movie did you not see coming, and still think about to this day?

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