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What's The Creepiest Urban Legend From Your Hometown?

Let's get spooky.

There's nothing quite like a classic urban legend. Y'know, the stories we've all heard before that are equal parts terrifying... and completely made-up.

But you know what's even scarier? An urban legend that originated right from your hometown — one you just KNOW to be true.

Maybe you're from Cleveland and know all about "Tall Betsy," a woman who will kidnap you and eat you for breakfast if you aren't home by 10 p.m. on Halloween night.

Perhaps you live in Calgary, Canada, where you grew up hearing about "The Devil's Playground," the story of a nun who made a deal with the devil and burnt a school down, killing everyone inside.

Or maybe you're from Chicago and know all about "The Resurrection Mary," a woman killed by a drunk driver in the '30s who's been seen hitchhiking on the very road she was killed on.

A hometown urban legend can be scary as heck, and we want to hear yours! Tell us the spooky stories that come straight from your hometown, the ones you grew up with that everyone in your family knows about.

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