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    17 Times Cats From This Week Made You Say, "Oh H*ck"

    It was a very, very good week.

    1. This week, these two showed us that cats and dogs can in fact get along:

    2. These three stayed true to the term, "I woke up like this":

    3. This cat definitely had their protein for the week:

    4. This beb may or may not already be ready for Easter:

    yeah i made my cat color coordinate with me. and what about it??

    5. This energetic ball of fluff showed us cats like to play fetch just as much as dogs:

    6. These brothers were definitely getting along and not jealous of each other at all:

    U/llamasim / Via

    7. This musically gifted kitty was coming for Ariana Grande's throne:

    8. These two gave their humans the BEST early Christmas present possible:

    U/calpolyarc / Via

    9. While this one wanted to perfectly blend in with their Christmas tree:

    U/coho_oxford / Via

    10. This musical prodigy was ready to audition for America's Got Talent:

    why did my cat say vroom vroom she’s clearly a charli stan

    11. This guy was willing to do anything in the name of love:

    this cat took the elevator to see his girlfriend

    12. This one celebrated their religion:


    13. This bb was out and PROUD:

    14. Sophie knew just where she stands with Santa and clearly doesn't have a problem with it:

    15. This cutie wanted you to play with them but didn't want to be ~too~ obvious about it:

    U/ayylmao2607 / Via

    16. This one was clearly ready for Friday:

    U/xchinsuk2 / Via

    17. And this angel bb reflected on the heckin' great week they had!!

    In case you missed last week's kitty roundup, check it out here!

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