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    26 TV Shows You Watched As A Kid But Completely Forgot About

    Oh, to be young again.

    1. The Jersey

    Disney Channel Original Productions

    Network: Disney Channel

    Original run: 1999–2004

    Forgotten synopsis: A group of friends stumble upon a magical football jersey that, when worn, transports them into the bodies of famous athletes. Lover of sports or not, this was an awesome show and you know it.

    2. Allegra's Window

    Nick Jr. Productions

    Network: Nickelodeon

    Original run: 1994–1996

    Forgotten synopsis: Allegra's Window focused on youngster Allegra while she faced the struggles of being a little girl. It's a tough life!

    3. L.A. 7

    BBC One

    Network: Fox Family (US) and BBC One (UK)

    Original run: 2000

    Forgotten synopsis: L.A. 7 follows English pop group S Club 7 as they venture to LA to make a name for themselves in the music industry, performing whenever they can. The show tracks their everyday lives as they become accustomed to city life.

    4. Caitlin's Way


    Network: Nickelodeon (US) and YTV (Canada)

    Original run: 2000–2002

    Forgotten synopsis: Caitlin's Way focuses on rebellious teenager Caitlin as she moves from Philadelphia to rural Montana. We all kind of wanted to be like her.

    5. Bug Juice

    Evolution Film & Tape / Disney Channel Originals

    Network: Disney Channel

    Original run: 1998–2001

    Forgotten synopsis: Bug Juice documented the lives of several preteens while away at summer camp. This show was The Real World for kids.

    6. Cousin Skeeter

    Tollin/Robbins Productions/ Nickelodeon Productions

    Network: Nickelodeon

    Original run: 1998–2001

    Forgotten synopsis: Cousin Skeeter revolved around main character Skeeter, who moves in with his family, much to his cousin Bobby's dismay. Also, Skeeter was a damn hand puppet. So cool.

    7. So Weird

    Disney Channel Original Productions

    Network: Disney Channel

    Original run: 1999–2001

    Forgotten synopsis: A young girl is on the road with her rockstar mother and inconveniently continues to run into paranormal activity. At the time, it was referred to as a ~darker~ Disney Channel show due to constant spooks.

    8. In a Heartbeat

    AAC Kids

    Network: Disney Chanel (US) and Family (Canada)

    Original run: 2000–2001

    Forgotten synopsis: In a Heartbeat followed of group of high school students who volunteer as EMTs while facing the trials and tribulations all high school students face. I'm still pissed this show wasn't on longer.

    9. Radio Free Roscoe

    Decode Entertainment

    Network: The N (US) and Family (Canada)

    Original run: 2003–2005

    Forgotten synopsis: Four friends create their own radio station because they want a radio station that actually speaks to teenagers. This is mid-2000s teen angst gold.

    10. The Famous Jett Jackson

    Disney Channel Original Productions

    Network: Disney Channel

    Original run: 1998–2001

    Forgotten synopsis: Jett Jackson is a former movie star who moves back to his hometown to live a ~regular~ life. Honestly, how could you even forget this show? Shame on you.

    11. The Weekenders

    Walt Disney Television Animation

    Network: ABC

    Original run: 2000–2004

    Forgotten synopsis: This classic followed the lives of four seventh-graders. The catch? We only saw what they were up to from when they got out of school on Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

    12. The Babysitters Club

    Scholastic Productions

    Network: HBO

    Original run: 1990

    Forgotten synopsis: This show was based on the children's books we all read at one point or another. It's hard out there for a teenage babysitter!

    13. Brotherly Love


    Network: NBC

    Original run: 1995–1996

    Forgotten synopsis: Brotherly Love follows the Roman brothers as they band together to deal with the loss of their father. Also, the Roman brothers are the LAWRENCE BROTHERS. You know you loved this show.

    14. The Busy World of Richard Scarry

    CINAR Animation

    Network: Nick Jr.

    Original run: 1994–1997

    Forgotten synopsis: Set in Busytown, each episode taught kids an important life lesson and focused on the importance of friendship, thanks in part to main characters Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm.

    15. Freakazoid!

    Warner Bros Animation

    Network: The WB

    Original run: 1995–1997

    Forgotten synopsis: Freakazoid followed Dexter Douglas, a 16-year-old nerd turned superhero in Washington, DC.

    16. Lloyd in Space


    Network: ABC

    Original run: 2001–2004

    Forgotten synopsis: Main character Lloyd Nebulon is your everyday 12-year-old alien teenager just trying to live a normal life.

    17. Sabrina: The Animated Series


    Network: NBC

    Original run: 1999–2000

    Forgotten synopsis: This animated series was a prequel to Sabrina the Teenage Witch and focused on Sabrina as a preteen with powers on a lesser scale.

    18. Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!


    Network: ABC

    Original run: 2001

    Forgotten synopsis: This short-lived cartoon series focused on America's favorite twins as special agents Misty and Amber. The duo travel the world and fight evil wherever they see fit.

    19. California Dreams


    Network: NBC

    Original run: 1992–1996

    Forgotten synopsis: California Dreams revolved around a group of ~popular~ teenagers who form a rock band, appropriately named the Dreams. This show was a staple during the summer when you were at home all day.

    20. Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire


    Network: FOX

    Original run: 1992–1993

    Forgotten synopsis: This action cartoon was based on "Super Dave Osborne," a stuntman portrayed by actor Bob Einstein.

    21. The Journey of Allen Strange


    Network: Nickelodeon

    Original run: 1997–2000

    Forgotten synopsis: After becoming stranded on Earth, an unnamed alien befriends main characters Robbie and Josh, who give him the name Allen Strange. Together, the trio team up to think of ways to get Allen back to his home planet, all while keeping his true identity a secret.

    22. Eerie, Indiana


    Network: NBC

    Original run: 1991–1992

    Forgotten synopsis: Eerie, Indiana followed main character Marshall as he moves to the town of Eerie and confronts several weird situations and urban legends, including Bigfoot.

    23. Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

    DHX Media

    Network: Fox Kids (US) and Scottish Television (UK)

    Original run: 1999–2001

    Forgotten synopsis: Famed detective Sherlock Holmes comes back to life to bring the peace to 22nd-century London.

    24. Flash Forward

    Disney Channel

    Network: Disney Channel

    Original run: 1995–1997

    Forgotten synopsis: Flash Forward focused on main characters and lifelong best friends Rebecca and Tucker as they experienced the drama that is the eighth grade.

    25. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

    Comedy Central

    Network: Comedy Central

    Original run: 1995–2002

    Forgotten synopsis: Dr. Katz was a therapist to the stars β€” stars you never got to see. In between the sessions, we saw glimpses of Katz's dull, meager life and it was HILARIOUS.

    26. PB&J Otter

    Disney Channel

    Network: Disney Channel

    Original run: 1998–2000

    Forgotten synopsis: PB&J Otter followed siblings Peanut (older brother) and Jelly (younger sister) and the fun adventures they get into with their friends. Whenever a problem arises, they perform "The Noodle Dance" to get their creative juices flowing. I LOVED this show.

    Oh, the nostalgia.

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