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    Posted on Jan 31, 2018

    20 Things That Will Make People With A Short Attention Span Say, "Wait, What?"

    Wait, what was I just doing?

    1. You always end up rushing through your morning routine because you get distracted by the tiniest thing, and suddenly you're running late.

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    2. And you might have burned your food once or twice because you forgot it was cooking.

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    3. You feel the need to take a break after doing five minutes of work.

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    4. And you're constantly thinking of a million things, all at once.

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    5. Which ends up making getting sleep pretty difficult, because you're thinking of everything but sleep.


    6. People have definitely asked you, "Are you paying attention?"


    7. And you've definitely asked people, "Wait, what was that?"


    8. It isn't out of the norm to have several tabs open at the same time.


    9. Which means finding the tab you actually need is next to impossible.


    10. And when you actually begin working, it isn't long before you're on your phone, scrolling through Instagram.


    11. You often find yourself staring out a window, but looking at absolutely nothing in particular.


    12. You've left your leftovers at a restaurant because you forgot you even asked for a to-go box.


    13. You aren't the best texter because you ~forget~ to hit send.


    14. You almost never make it through an email longer than two paragraphs.

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    15. You feel the need to get up and walk around several times a day because sitting still for hours on end is absolute TORTURE.


    16. You know to put your phone away during a movie because it's a constant distraction.


    17. And you know to not even bother beginning a book, because the chances of you actually finishing it are slim.

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    18. Board games aren't exactly your strong suit, either.


    19. Drifting away in meetings is something you're all too familiar with.


    20. But hey, you're probably an expert at multitasking. So that's great!


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